Thursday, January 19, 2012

Question about Blogger Reply?

Hey Yall!  I've got a quick question regarding the new blogger reply feature.  I am so thrilled by this new addition and of course added it right away.  Why so thrilled?  Because I had previously allowed for blogger reply comments in my emails.  Now, for some reason when someone comments on my blog I get an email in my inbox twice from them.  Once when they comment then again after I accept the comment.  That leaves two comments per person in my email box that need to be deleted eventually.  Not that I am complaining about the few comments I get but that  I am such a lazy deleter and tend to have quite a bit of junk that piles up in my email.   I am desperately trying to get rid of all the junk email I receive but it seems most companies do not pay much attention to those requests to be taken off their email lists.  Can you relate?

Real Question Is?  With the new reply feature added do I still need to have email alerts.  Does anyone know if I can close the email reply feature and still keep the reply feature on my blog?  Will it work and still alert whomever I am replying to on my blog?   Just wondering since I am assuming that the reply feature on the blog most likely sends an email to whom ever you are replying correct?   Or will it send a reply notice on your blogger homepage if you have taken off the email alert?  I'll be trying out this feature soon in response to one of your questions so do a little investigating on my own but thought I'd see if any of you already know the answer to this.
Thanks so much for you help!
Have a great day!