Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I've got a new Roo!

Hey Friends!  It's been quite awhile since I've joined one of Marty's parties (hey that rhymed!) over at A Stroll Through Life.  But today, I've got just a little something to share with you that  I think a few of you might like to see.  What it is you say?

Do you see it? Nope! It's not the cookbook ladies!

Yep!  It's the new Roo of course!  See, didn't I tell you, you'd like it!  Now don't you worry, I am still not going to get caught up in all that Rooster collecting business, no NOT me! 

But... I do know a few good Roo's when I see them.   Especially since I have been looking at quite a few of them almost everyday for months.  We sell this collection and another set at Stein Mart.  So, after looking at this set everyday for over 3 months now I finally broke down and bought this decorative plate when it went on sale.  I love how the plate is in the shape of a rooster!  

Of course, I knew that the black on the rooster would also fit in quite well in my kitchen.  I knew exactly where I wanted to display it too, right here in this little nook in my kitchen.

It's over here tucked away with the bread box and cookbooks.

And the cute little clear jar that started out as a pecan jar after seeing you fabulous bloggers using these last year.  Then after the nuts were gone it turned into a hot drink packet jar, then quickly became a tervis tumbler "tops" jar.  This jar sure is versatile, isn't it?

Anywho, back to my new Roo!  Isn't he purrrrty!!!

I am really being so good because there is such a huge collection that goes with him.  There is a huge cookie jar, utensil holder, platter, salad plates, salt and pepper shakers, ect.  I am trying my best to not to add anything else but the coffee mugs are starting to call my name too.  Look out!

I thought he would look wonderful over here by a cookbook so I pulled out a nice comforting one for the winter.  Maybe this will give the Mr. a few hints too.  Ya think?  

Then, when I was trying to figure out what napkin or tea towel I wanted to add to this vignette I remembered my new plaid napkins. I purchased these from work on the day after Christmas sale.  They also have black in them so I thought it would look great.  What do you think?  Still, nice and wintry right?

And because I promised awhile back to show you these but got to busy to do so, here they are!

For those of you who do not know what I'm talking about I bought all of this at 75% off the day after Christmas from Stein Mart.  I was surprised they had not already sold but was quite pleased to be able to add them to my home.

I have a set of six placemats and six napkins.  I love the red,black,hunter,blue and white in the plaid.

I was also lucky enough to score two sets of silver and red beaded napkin rings at 75% off too for a total of eight each!  Can you believe that?  I know I can use those napkin rings year round! 

Well, that's it!  I just wanted to share a little vignette with you all today.

Thanks for stopping by! 

I hope you have a little more time to visit many more pretties over at 

Have a great day!


  1. Wow, I didn't even realize he was a plate! I love him--but the cook book intrigues me as well. You will have to post some of the recipes. I love the crockpot!

  2. Super cute, looks great next to the napkin and cookbook. xo Liz

  3. I love that he is a plate!!! That is so cool and looks great in your kitchen! Your new napkins are so pretty! I can't wait to see what all you do with them, but I must say... I am loving those beaded napkin rings!

  4. He is very handsome and unique! Your vignette looks great!

  5. Mary your new Roo is so cute. I think you are doing really well to be able to avoid purchasing other pieces of that cute set. Love your little vignette and those plaid napkins make me want some so much! Sigh...shopping is such hard work..lol! hugs, Linda

  6. I'd say that he is a keeper for sure, so cute! Love the new napkins too. (My daughter who is a graphic designer helped me do my book, she did all the hard parts, I know, lucky me!) ;D

  7. Well Mary, you know I LOVE it. What a cutie pie. Looks great in your nook. I also love that box!

  8. Love your rooster! Don't often see black roosters, but he is perfect in your kitchen nook. Great find on the napkins and place mats, they are just so warm and inviting. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with them. My 90 year old Mother did displays at Steinmart in Nashville for about 15 years until she retired at 75! Thanks for your visit. Dianne

  9. Loving your new roo Mary!! I am a sucker for a good roo!


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