Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drip Drop Goes the Faucet

Did that get your attention?  Have you been there before?  I'd even bet some of you are thinking this is going to be a post about all the pretty new wonderful faucets available out there.  Sorry to disappoint you but it's not.  It's literally a post about a dripping faucet, not that I have one though.  Now I know some of you may be a bit confused right about now and I have a leaky faucet or not. I most definitely do not.  Then what the heck am I talking about?  

I am talking about capturing the drip drops of water from the faucet on the photos.  You see, I am rather amateurishly trying to learn how to use my camera.  I am participating in a blog lesson party over at It's Overflowing.  Please check out the link here to see more for yourself.  This lesson is about shutter speed and this photo was taken with my shutter speed set at 1/30.

 This one shows my shutter speed set at 1/60

Again, this one was taken at 1/250....

And this one, set at 1/500.  I am loving how the water shows up differently in each and can see the lesson on movement but am quite baffled about why the lighting changed in each of these photos without me adjusting anything other then the shutter speeds.  If any of experts out there would care to comment on this I would love to know.  

Please be kind though and remember I am a newbie! 

On a personal note, I am enjoying a full weekend off despite the weather. Hope you are having a great weekend too!
Thanks for stopping by!