Thursday, December 1, 2011

First 2011 Holiday Tablescape

Whew!  There is nothing like a day off to get caught up on the Christmas decor.  I still have one more tree to go but I've finally put away all the fall decor and cleaned up the bulk of the mess from bringing out all the Christmas decor.

Since I don't have to go in today until 1:00pm, I had a little extra time this morning to put together a centerpiece and practice a little holiday setting too.  Wanna see?

 It's morning y'all, so your getting lot's of streaming sunlight in these photos.

Before we get into the dishes let me show you my centerpiece.

This was a basket I bought last year at a yard sale and spray painted white.

I filled it with a swag of greenery...

...and stuck in a few inexpensive picks that I already had.

I surrounded the inside of the basket with more of my leftover tulle ribbon to act as a filler.

Then topped it off with a bow that I had made last year for some wreaths I hung on my inside windows.  

Simple and cute!

Oh, and I found these adorable votive candle holders this year at Ross.  They were very inexpensive, only $3.99 for a two pack.  I bought two packs!

The beautiful Irish tray linen underneath was won in an online auction this summer from a fellow blogger at, My Place To Yours.  I love it!

Okay ladies, now let's talk dishes!

I am so excited to break out my newest holiday dishes I purchased last year!

The plaid salad plates are from Lenox and are part of the Holiday Gatherings collection.  I purchased them from Belks.  I have wanted these plates for some time and they had stopped carrying them but brought them back last year so I snapped them right up.  Wouldn't you?

I just love how they look with my Lenox Butlers Pantry Gourmet.  Honestly though, they would also look fantastic with any white, red, or green dishes for that matter!  Belks is carrying them again this year, I may have to seriously consider adding on a few more.

Then I decided to add my green checked napkins to keep it casual.

I'm sure most of you are very tired of seeing these bamboo flatware, but here I go again!  So sorry, but I really think they just work here so well, don't you?  Come on!

My pretty green goblets were from Walmart.  They are some of that great stuff from the Better Homes and Garden label.

Yes, I think this setting is really working for me.

I like how well this is also working with the rest of my Christmas decor in the kitchen.

Like my tree!  Yesterday, I found more elves I had bought last year and added them to the tree.

I also added "old" Mr. and Mrs. Claus in here too.

Look who I caught watching me through the glass doors.  Hey Misty girl!

I also hung a few of my oldest elves off the chandy...

...along with a few old ornaments as well.  These were some hand me down glass balls that I painstakingly hand glued each and every sequin on one year.  Don't you know one fell while I was attaching it yesterday and shattered.  I hate when that happens!  Urgghh!

Well, here's my first holiday setting of the season!  How do you like it?

Thanks so much for joining me today for

I really appreciate the visit and hope you enjoyed what you saw.
I can't wait to see all your tablescapes and decor this year too!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Love the table and the tree is adorable.

  2. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful tablescape & the other decor! It looks so festive & fun!!!

  3. Wow, you have gotten into the spirit. Your table is lovely....Love the Santas...You can't go wrong with red, green and white.....

  4. Oh my a tree in the kitchen, now I really feel bad, I barely have one in the living room. I love yours and your decor is stunning. I especially love the chandy and the cute little elfs in your decor. How fun and so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  5. It looks great! I love the casual easy feeling of the table. The centerpiece is very cute and I need to make one in a basket, so easy to remove when you need the room. Hugs to you, Linda

  6. It's really beautiful, love the white basket with the colors of the season! :D

  7. Mary your table and kitchen is looking so pretty and so festive. Loved those plates, they are cute.

  8. Beautiful festive table. I love all the elves on your gorgeous tree, Mary.
    Your Misty sure is a beauty!

  9. What a wonderful festive tour! I loved it all! Your table is delightful, what a super place to enjoy a meal. Love the tree too!

  10. Oh your new Christmas china is delightful. Love your fun tree too.

  11. I think it's wonderful. I have seen those dishes at Belk and I love them. If buying a new set were in the budget, they would be strong contenders. I think everything you've done at your place is Christmastastic.

    And your new camera is really showing them off beautifully.

  12. I love your table and tree too! Your plates are GREAT! I have the same bamboo flatware, but last year bought RED flatware at Walmart and am using it now for everyday. I have a TEENY tree in my kitchen but alot of the same things on it!!! I will be posting it soon. I also posted a table today! Please stop over if you can! XO, Pinky

  13. I love it!!! It is perfect in your kitchen. The centerpiece is so simple, but just right and your new dishes are awesome. I am so silly, but I love the napkins under the plate! That looks so good! I am telling you... you have motivated me! I have the 9 foot tree up and fluffed and tomorrow night is family tree decorating and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! I'll post pics next week! Have a great weekend!

  14. Mary! I bet you think I'm crazy when I mentioned something about a bunny! lol! I got you confused with Lavender Dreams. I'm a dork!

    Love your tree and of course all of your elves! They make me smile!

  15. Hi Mary! Your table is so festive and gorgeous! I love it. Beautiful mix of plates and love the basket ceterpiece.I love your tree too. I will just enjoy yours cause I won't be able to put up a tree this year..Christine

  16. I love it all, but your tree is bowling me over! Gorgeous! Over from BNOTP! :D


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