Sunday, November 20, 2011

In Search of Holiday Ribbon

Hi Friends!  Guess what?  It's that time of year again, when we embark upon that all important quest to find just the right holiday ribbon.  Do you feel the same?

Every year I decide if I am going to reuse the same holiday ribbon from last year or search for a new look.  I'm not sure what it is about ribbons, but one things for sure.   We women take our ribbon shopping very seriously!   Several shopping trips with friends who were also looking for a new ribbon are some of my favorite seasonal shopping memories.  The buddy system is a great way to shop for ribbon.  It never fails even if I am shopping alone for ribbon that I will enjoy a conversation with someone in the ribbon isle.  It's that sharing of thoughts, opinions and ideas that makes buying ribbon such a joy for me.  It may also be why I like trying out new ribbons too.

These were my new ribbon selections from last year.  

I ended up only using these spools.  They were actually tulle, and so wonderful to work with!  I still have plenty of this left and will be using it again on a few of my trees but not on the large tree in my den this year.  I am going with a totally different look in the den this year.  

The only problem is I haven't yet found quite the right ribbon yet.  Yikes!  It's getting too close for comfort too, because I like to start my tree decorating right after Thanksgiving.  Also since I am so limited on time this year even being able to search the different stores for just the right ribbon has been a challenge.  So this morning, I pulled a few photos from Pinterest to share with you on searching for holiday ribbon.  Here's a few that I found that I absolutely love!

Isn't this the cutest thing!  I love all these plaid ribbons in the jar.  That's almost a decorating statement in itself isn't it?

I thought this was adorable.  I really love the small checked ribbon and the muslim ribbon too.

Here is a great example of checked ribbon on a tree.  It's just gorgeous!

Speaking of gorgeous, how do you like this plaid ribbon?  I love the white and red with just a touch of green.  I think the big beautiful bow and ribbon totally makes this door swag, don't you?

I would love to make one of these ribbon trees one day.  I adore the colors used in this one!  I have to put this idea on the back burner though, thank goodness for pinterest.  I must stay focused on searching for ribbon for my Christmas tree and my mantle right now.

 I saw this used quite a bit last year in blogland and absolutely fell in love with it.  I even came across some very inexpensive jute webbing at a thrift store last year and passed it by.  It am kicking myself about that now!

This is very interesting!  It almost looks like gauze to me.  LOL!  I like how natural it looks though.

I also like this look quite a bit too.  I've yet to see anything that even comes close to this in the stores this year though.  Have you?

And last but not least, I also am really liking this look as well.  The only thing is, I'm not so sure I want to make my own burlap ribbons this year.  That could be very time consuming!

By the way, any idea exactly how many yards I need for a very full 8ft tree?  I don't think I've ever measured exactly.  I usually just look for the largest quantities I can get.

So, it's off to the stores I go!
Still searching and enjoying meeting all the other ribbon enthusiasts along the way.  I guess you have a little idea of the direction I'm headed this year.  I still haven't found quite the right one yet.  You know the one that says; YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

What about you?  Are you in search of  a new ribbon this year?  What are you looking for?
I would love to hear from you. 
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a very blessed Sunday! 


  1. You remind me of my mom! She starts on the perfect ribbon hunt every year. For her, it has to go with her theme.

    Me? I tend to either reuse mine or (more often) enjoy her hand me downs.

    Don't you love that ribbon tree? I love it! I'm pinning it.

  2. I love ribbon too, I don't use it on the tree except for the very top also always use the tulle for the grandaughters presents, their eyes just light up when they see them!

  3. Great inspirational photos, Mary. Good luck finding what you want. I love ribbons on trees but I am not putting up a tree this year..Christine

  4. Great inspirational photos, Mary. Good luck finding what you want. I love ribbons on trees but I am not putting up a tree this year..Christine

  5. hi Mary! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!I love all these inspirational pictures. I love ribbon too! I just wish I knew how to work with it better to make cute bows.


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