Thursday, November 17, 2011

In the Dining Room

Hey Friends!  Nothing new here really.  Enjoying some time off and I just thought I 'd share a few photos of my dining room with you for a linky party I've been enjoying over at Cottage and Vine.

I still have not learned how to readjust my new camera settings so I hope you will forgive the quality of these photos.  I know it's a shame, but I will learn it soon.

I have quite a mix of furniture in my dining room.  It ranges from a few inherited pieces to resale store pieces and even a few Craigs list finds.  All of my pieces have been added over time.   Since it is a room we only use a few times a year it's never been a high priority for me as far as investing in furniture.  As a young mother I learned how to shift my spending quite a bit.    Even now as we are getting closer to being empty nesters I still enjoy the space I have created from mixing pieces together in this room.

I know some of you will remember me adding this china cabinet just last year.  I had to move a beautiful antique secretary out of the dining room in order to add this piece.  I think it was worth it!

I just recently moved this little cabinet in here to hold two of my silverware cabinets stacked on top of each other.

 I've kept my black sideboard (that I painted myself) in here.  I like how it is a nice size.  Not to big and not too small.

This is my most favorite piece of all.  It is a marble table that was my mother in laws.  It was made for her from her father who used to be the president of a bank downtown.  When the bank remodeled he bought all the old marble counters and had them made into tables for each of his five daughters.  

The mirror was inherited too.  I am thinking very seriously about replacing these lamps with a pair I've got my eye on at work.  They are gorgeous but a little pricey though so we will see.

I constantly say I'm going to replace these sheers but I've yet to do so.

I know they probably look a little dated but I love the whiteness of them and that they do not close in my room. I have no blinds on my dining room windows either.  We've always enjoyed being able to look out the windows during the few times we do use this room.  It's very enjoyable.

I have two of these lithograph prints I inherited from my grandmother.  They are prints from the Godey's catalog that used to come out for women to order their dresses.  I think they are pretty cool!

My chandelier is one of my most favorite pieces in this room too.  I just love it!  It came with the house and I am still trying to find a replacement glass for one that I cracked.  I've yet to find the right size bell shade with the bubble glass and so it sit's with cracked shade and all.  Please send me any info you have if you ever see these large bell shades with bubble glass!

And finally, since I'm showing you my dining room today I decided to throw out a little tablescape too.  You may remember I already had my centerpiece created as shown in previous post.

Well I couldn't very well show you a dining room without the table set now could I?

I just recently purchased these napkins.  They looks so fallish to me!

I liked how they looked with my bamboo flatware too.

 Here is my newest acquirement.  These amber colored goblets.  I've been wanting some for awhile now. I could not believe I found a set of four for only $6.00 at a resale store.  I don't know if they are worth much or what the pattern is but who cares, I love them!

Well that's my dining room as it looks today!  It's about to change up for the season very soon so I'm sure I'll be showing you this room again before too long. 

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