Thursday, October 20, 2011

Your Invited!!!

(image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)

(image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)

 Miss Abigail is so excited and has been very busy getting everything ready for her big brew haha!  I hope you all will return next week and sit with her for just a spell.  Heeheeehheeeee!!!

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to revisit last years table.  Some of you may remember this one, and since it's one of my favorite's I thought I'd show it again for those of you who may have missed it. 

 Click HERE to see last years Halloween tablescape, entitled "How to Catch a Witch" from my  old blog. 

Thanks for visiting with me today for 
Be sure and visit many more beautiful tablescapes at the link above.

I hope I'll see you all again next week,
for "A Witch's Brew"


  1. Your guest is what makes that picture great! I loved that tablescape and can't wait to see what Miss Abigail is brewing up!

  2. Oh what fun! Happy Halloween!

  3. Thanks Miss Abigail, I most certainly will attend your great party, I do want to see what your brewin is going to be. Happy weekend. FABBY

  4. Your witch sure is cute, and I love that polka dotted tablecloth. Will check back to see what's brewing!

  5. Looks wonderful! Love your cat photo! Thanks for sharing,JoAnn

  6. Fun Fun Fun!! And now you have me waiting for next week to see what whimsical masterpiece you cook up.

  7. I love your Halloween tablescape! You are so creative!

  8. Love the tablescape! Halloween is so much fun to decorate for!
    Thanks for the recent visit too!

  9. Thank you! It's very exciting...we will only have to wait about a year! lol...I'm sure I will learn patience.

    Love the tablescape! Cute cat too...he is just posing for the camera.


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