Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Photo Shoot

Hi Friends!  I had time yesterday to play with my new camera a bit and took a few random shots.  I still haven't had time to read over the owners manuel yet to figure things out more.  Maybe since I am off again today I will find a minute to at least figure out what all the symbols mean on the dial.  Hopefully!

My son and his girlfriend came home from Charleston this weekend.  She is in photography school and brought her camera because she had a homework assignment to complete with shadows and light and dark. Here I am with her holding up her camera looking at my son taking my picture with my new camera.

The Mr. and I decided to go down to the sailing club for a bit for some R&R and I was just snapping away!

This shot was taken from the shore of the back of our boat.  It is 3rd one in the middle.  I really want a telescopic lens now, maybe for Christmas.

Here I was trying to photograph a spiders web on our boat.  Unfortunately, I wasn't very successful.

We had some very strange weather yesterday too.  The skys were alternating between overcast and cloudy with strong gusty winds often sustaining 20 to 25 knots at a time.  In these next three photos I played with the dial some turning it to see what happens. This photo seems the sharpest to me. 

This one turned out much darker!

And this one almost seems kinda floaty like!  LOL!

This couple was quite brave!  This shot was taken during a lull in the wind as they neared our club.

Here they are again as they got further out.  They spent much of their time heeled over like this.  Whew!

Here is another group of fearless sailors heading out.

And yet another group here!  We stayed ashore because I am not a fan of heeling over so much and because we were not interested in doing all the hard work it takes to keep up with shifting winds.

Besides it was later in the afternoon and I was ready for some time to unwind.

We sat on the point.

Where I spotted the bark had been worn off the base of this tree when the water is up to it's peak level.

I decided to take more pictures by the shore.

I had to take several shots to catch the water as it splashed up over the rocks.

The lake level has dropped down considerably for the winter already.

We are pulling our boat out of the water next week to give it a new paint job on the bottom.

We are really hoping it's not too shallow to pull it out at our club or else we will have to take it to the marina and then have it transported by land back to the club.

This is some kind of odd pod weed that is growing along the shore.

I think it's very pretty though!

Here is another photo I had to take several shots of to catch the flag when it was open.  The wind was so strong it was flapping this flag around everywhere!

This photo and the next did not turn out great but I thought they were interesting because they had one of those strange eerily looking orbs on them.

What's up with that?  I must have had a visitor hanging out with me I didn't see.  LOL!

Would you look at that?  I caught our ghostly visitor and she is a lady!

LOL!  Just kidding! I wanted to try my hand at a shadow shot too!  It's kinda hard to do when you are your own subject.

Speaking of being your own subject.  I can't believe I am going to be brave enough to show you these but I am.  These were just a few random close ups I took of myself by turning the camera around.  My eyes are usually so wide and open.  This photo shows how very tired I have been lately.  I also have been having quite a bit of trouble with my eyes and contacts at work lately due to all the dust we are kicking up right now.  They have been extremely red lately.

Not so red now but very droopy!  Gosh and I can see every single pore and wrinkle in these too!  Now that is one extreme closeup, don't you think?

Well that was fun!

Hope you all have a great week!  I am going to be very busy after today.  We are all set to open up the store on time this Saturday and of course I am working everyday.  Hoping I can get caught up on some rest before the grand opening and perk up these eyes!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. HAHAHA you are a brave woman! You will never see a closeup of me like that, that is for sure. You took some wonderful shots Mary. Your you got a few good tips to share.

  2. You are so funny! I think your eyes look great.

    Now, I wonder if this weird front is, indeed, hitting y'all, too. It just sat, camped, off our coast for days and days. And after my tirade in my post, it calmed down. But I am EXHAUSTED. I would have slept till noon if Mr. Magpie and Charles (my Man Friday) hadn't called and waked me up. Between dreaming of eating raw chicken and weird winds and weather and getting next to no sleep, I would look like a Halloween haunt in a picture! ;-)

    I can't believe they were sailing in that, but I guess that they are experienced enough to handle it. I would think you would work yourself to death. There were sailing advisories along the Atlantic. And today, aside from a four foot high pile of palm fronds and the shredded leaves of my banana tree, you'd never believe we had sustained winds that were blowing us to Kingdom Come!



  3. I think your eyes are beautiful, they are the same color as my new little grand daughters. I think you have gone camera crazy LOL and I don't blame you, I would be too if I had a nice camera like that. I think blogging and picture taking has really opened our eyes in many ways. :D

  4. I think I would throw up if my boat were sideways like that! Glad you were enjoying it from the bank with a nice beverage! Your pictures are beautiful! Just keep practicing and read the manual in small bits! I think you asked about the online class. I am so far behind in my emails! I took an online class from Angie Seaman. It was a four week course and I got so much out of it! There are lots out there but check her out at

    I enjoyed it and learned a lot! Or you could just come to Charleston to visit the son and go out with me for a day and I will show you everything I know!! :-)

  5. I feel that way too Mary! You are one brave woman:) They are great pictures too, we are taking our boat out too this week!
    Loved your wreath in your last post!

  6. You crack me up with the close ups of the eyes. Frankly, I didn't see pores and droopy. I think you captured the warmth and color of them.

    Your new camera takes wonderful shots, btw! I love the shadow one of you.

    And I remember hearing what causes the orbs but can't for the life of me remember.

  7. Great shots Mary!!

    Enjoy your new camera!

  8. Hi Mary, thanks for your visit and comments. Don't hold back on reading that book, I think you will like it. ;D

  9. Great photos,girl! =)XO ~Liz

  10. Girl you are hilarious!!! And look at you go with that camera. I think you may have missed your calling. And you are making me look soooooo bad - I've had my camera for almost 2 years and still take stinky pictures!


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