Thursday, October 13, 2011

Peacocks, Pineapples, and Pumpkins

I don't know exactly where this inspiration came from early this morning!  I was rushing around trying to get ready for work but just couldn't get this out of my head.  So, I set if up, snapped a few pics and out the door I went. 

Let me just say, I really do think of peacocks as a fall bird even though their colors are not your typical fall colors.  I have and hold in my memory a very strong vision of two big beautiful peacocks from several years ago.  They were sitting on an old wooden split rail fence along the property line of a home out in the country.  It was fall and the temps were cooler and I so wish I had the equipment handy back then to have been able to stop the car and gotten out to photograph them.  Their tails were splayed in perfect beauty and contrast against the neutral background of fall colors.  It truly was a magical site!

I know I can't quite capture the beauty of those peacocks in all their splendor but I certainly enjoyed sharing this setting with you for;

You never know what you might create when you shop your own home.  I highly encourage it!

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  1. I love my Wedgwood, Napoleon Ivy, too. And I adore your majolica leaf plate...Andrea Sadek? I've been tempted to add that one to my selection of leaf plates. I think that the peacock feather against the burlap is really quite magical. I could see that used in a number of other tablescape designs, too...maybe a Venetian Carnivale. I can already see it! Thank you for inviting us to share your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  2. Goodness! I will die for that peacock. It's something special with it, right? Very graceful and elegant.

    TY for sharing.


  3. You just whipped this up as you were getting ready for work? Mary, you are awesome. Your mind must be set on perpetual "creative".

    I too think of peacocks as autumnal. I guess they have rich colors and they look like a pheasant to me or something.

    I love the way you put the pineapple on the table. It has a peacockish look to it that I would never have thought about had it not been on that table with your theme. I love the entire centerpiece.

    The setting is lovely all on its own and goes beautifully with it.

  4. Odd combination...peacocks, pineapples and pumpkins, but your table came out beautifully! Your peacock looks so majestic sitting there.

  5. Those majolica plates are screaming!Hope you'll bring them to Seasonal Sundays!

    -The Tablescaper

  6. That peacock is so cool it makes me want to cry!!! I have a strange affinity for peacocks, and that one in all white is just fab!!!!! I am super slow about getting around to all the TT posts this week, but I'm very glad I made it to yours!!! Very nice!

  7. OMG Mary,
    That is just stunning! Really the colors and the textures are just outstanding and I love the plates!
    Beautiful...I hope you link this up to TT because more people should see it!

  8. So lovely! I love the peacock feathers and the blues in the pumpkin are so pretty. Your tablescape is divine.


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