Friday, July 1, 2011

I'll Show you My Colors Martha!

OMG!  Sometimes I seriously amaze myself!  I wasn't even going to try and participate in Ms. Debbiedoo's Copycat Magazine Challenge until I saw the Today show this week.  Did anyone else see it?  It was the episode with Martha Stewart when she and Ann made some fabulous firecracker cookies.  Martha said, that magazine was flying off the shelves because ladies everywhere wanted to see the cover, and this was it!

Just look at those gorgeous pinwheel firecracker looking cookies!  After seeing Ann and Martha make them on TV I knew I wanted to make some too.  They looked so easy!   I already wanted to take some cookies with us on the boat to see the fireworks and thought these would be quite a hit!

So I whipped out my favorite Decorator Icing recipe that I have used (very successfully I might add) many times before.

I whipped up a batch...

then seperated some out to make the blue and red icing.

I didn't have any icing bags on hand so I improvised as I have done many times before using ziplocks.

I generously applied my white just like Martha instructed.  I then used my colored icing to make circles around the dot, just like Martha instructed.

And this is what I ended up on the first few cookies!  OMG!  What the.....???? 

But wait ladies, it get's better!

I'm not one to give up easily so I kept on going.  Lordy me!!!

Honestly the sugar I was licking off my fingertips must have been getting to my head because ya'll these things are so dang ridiculous looking I was laughing out loud!

I mean talk about a hot mess!  They look like I was trying to tye dye them or something!  

Or better yet, they look as if the firecrackers exploded on top of them.  OMG!  I just had to laugh about them and do plan to bring them out anyway.  I am just going to wait until it is very dark during the fireworks show and everyone has already had a few beers or something.  LOL! 

Sorry Debbie, I guess I sure failed this challenge.  Maybe you can save this post for one of your bloopers parties!  

Not even close...huh?  Hahaha!

Yep!  Sometimes I sure do amaze myself!

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I hope all of you have a very Happy 4th of July!
I still plan to!  If you can't laugh at yourself , then you are really missing out!
Life's to short to fret the small stuff!
Big smiles Everyone!