Monday, July 11, 2011

Can I change blogger in draft background?

Anyone else struggling with seeing the new blogger in draft layout?  On my last post I briefly mentioned how this change was something I would need to get used to.  But, I think some of you may have thought I was talking about my own blog background which I recently changed too.  

I was talking about the new draft layout after you sign into blogger.  Since it is all white now I am struggling to scroll through my reading list before clicking on a post.  Does anyone know if we can customize this page with a background color?  If so I would love a shout out.


  1. I did think you meant the background when I read that.

    I don't know what you're talking about with blogger draft background. If you mean the home page, I don't think mine has changed. But then again, I'm the one with the funky demon possessed computer so what do I know?

  2. Ok, I found a link about the new layout I have. This is what I now have for blogger in draft along with many others. Seems there are lot's more out there like me who are having trouble seeing it. I sure hope they find a way to fix this so we can change the colors. Let me know if any of you out there have the new layout too and what you think about it, okay?

  3. This is the second time they've changed it in the course of 2? weeks. I'm not having trouble with the colors ~ just finding where I go to see comments, posts, etc. I hate having to hunt for things! Could it be the browser you are using? I'm using Firefox and sometimes Safari.


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