Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Dollar Tree Days

I promise you I am not getting any reimbursement for endorsing this store, but I sure do wish I was.  LOL!  I just can't help it, I've been finding all sorts of creative ideas for a buck here lately.  Yes indeedy, I am talking about the big DT..yep, that's the Dollar Tree, ladies.  You just never know what you might find.

This cute little ceramic container.  Very basic, but perfect for smaller floral arrangements.  These would be excellent for topiary bases too.  They even had a multiple assortment of colors.  Very pretty!

I bought two pots, and several of these basic green hydrangeas.  I want to have a pair of these on my mantle soon.  Only I didn't quite buy enough of the green hydrangeas and had to go back for more.  Wouldn't you know the closest DT was down to only 1 more green hydrangea.  I think that will be enough but if not there's plenty more DT's further away.

I also picked up this last purple one.  It will be great for a very small something somewhere!  You can never have too many hydrangea arrangements around IMOP.

Then I got very excited when I saw these.  I only bought two, may regret that but I wanted to try and count up how many more I might need.  They only came in silver and gold but of course you can always spray paint them.  Who doesn't need more of these around.

Here's why I bought the easels.  Only it's still a bit too small for this stack of dishes.

I got these cute little dishes at GW the other day.  They are from cracker barrel.

Do you see the cute writing on the tops?  I got the stack of four for .50 cents.

Now, I usually don't even look at the huge bin of linens at GW, but there was a piece of toile fabric that caught my eye.  I was considering buying it until I realized it was $1.00 for the very small piece so as I was putting it back something way down on the bottom caught my eye. 

I tugged and pulled and out came this gorgeous bed skirt.  It was brand new, crisp and not even ever washed.  I know this because I brought it home and washed it and it was considerable different after washing it.  It really is more of a brighter green then is shown in these pictures.  I couldn't find the size of it to be sure but figured it was either a queen or a king.  But for $2.00 I knew I wanted it.

Yeppers!  That's the brand ladies.  This is no $2.00 bed skirt and to my delight it is a King!  So that means it may go on my bed someday if I change out my bed linens.  Do you know more and more I have been finding comforter sets that don't include the bed skirt.  What is up with that?

I can't remember if I ever showed you this.  I got this from the thrift store several weeks ago.  Isn't this so cute?  It will be packed up for fall soon.  It has ROC made in Taiwan on the bottom.  Not bad for $3.00.

Finally, this is just something I thought was a great find.  No sale, or thrifty deal, but at $6.99 it was just too cute to pass up.  I am looking for a cute bread basket to go here where my crock pot usually sits.

Right now our bread is hiding under this but I do plan to use it for cakes and desserts maybe.  It has a net liner on the inside though so you can use it outdoors.  I could take that off easily enough but for now I kinda like it.  I may use this for outdoor events this summer.

Well that's it!
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  1. Mary, you are finding the best stuff. I saw the same exact squirrel bowl at the flea market last week and I think they wanted $6 for it and I didn't get it. Probably should have. May go see if it is still there.

  2. You found some fun things Mary! Lovin' the bed skirt and I saw one of those squirrel dishes at my Sal Army last weekend too:@)

  3. Hi Mary, wow you sure hit the mother lode on all your finds...the cutest is the ceramic squirrel, I'll have to keep my eye out for one!
    The bedskirt is fabulous what a deal you got on that on it! I work at the $store and I'll have to see about those ceramic pots, they would lookl great on the mantel for spring!

  4. Love the DT and I havn't been for a while, your containers and easels are fabulous. Love the hydrangeas also. The squirrel is so cute and I love that basket. It is a fantastic find. You did really good. Hugs, Marty

  5. WOW! You found some awesome things to! I love that bed skirt! That is the one thing I can never find is linens. I also love that basket cloche! Its wonderful! I love all your finds. You did great!

  6. I love the DT and all the really great craft stuff there. The bed skirt is awesome and love those plates!! I am a plate girl. The squirrel is super cute also. Thanks for joining JFF with all your awesome finds. Hugs, Linda

  7. I need to make a trip to the DT. It's something I stop in at sporadically because it's so far.
    I need to make a point of getting over there. I love that store.
    You found some great deals.
    The bed skirt is something that I could use. That's an unbelieveable price! Love the color, too.

  8. Mary, you really scored on all of these, and I can't believe you got that TB bedskirt for that fabulous price! I saw those cute woven covers at Home Goods last night. I had my hands full of something else, otherwise I would have picked one up, too! LOL! I love Dollar Tree, too, and you need to go back and get some more of those stands before the sell out. Good haul, girlfriend!


    Sheila :-)

  9. I need to go see if they have those easels at our store I need some!! Great finds!

  10. Great finds! I love the squirrel covered dish and the netted wicker food cover. I would love to find one of those.

    ~ Tracy

  11. Mary the Hydragea looks amazng in that ceramic pot- someimtes you just need to see something in use.. Love it.. Great finds and a Happy New Follower, Cant wait to check back for more Inspiration
    (Love the Cupid)

  12. Mary, you always find the best stuff!!! I am in love with that little squirrel! He is too cute! How is it in your neck of the woods today. Cold and dreary here. Boooo! We are supposed to go to an oyster roast on Saturday so I hope it gets a little better!!! Have a great weekend!

  13. Cute squirrel. My Mom used to have one of those. It was always filled with candy peanuts. Great finds!

  14. wow , Mary.. great finds and I love what you did with them...
    that basket cloche is my fav..

  15. That is awesome as always Mary! You and me both wish I was getting endorsements from the Dollar tree...they should read our blogs. Enjoy the weekend.

  16. Lovely things you found--I really like the squirrel container, so retro-sweet!

  17. Love all your great finds...especially the wicker cover. :)

  18. Dollar Tree is the BEST! But I find you better grab what you want or it may not be there next time.
    Great finds and I too love the wicker cover!!

  19. Oh, I love all your thrifty finds. I have that exact nut covered dish with the squirrel. I got mine at GW!!!

  20. Such fantastic deals. I think all bloggers love Dollar Tree. They always have something neat. I am your newest follower. Please come on over and visit me as well. Hugs, Ginger


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