Friday, February 18, 2011

A few Thrifts and possible props

Yesterday I went to a few of my favorite thrift stores in search of more possible props for my new business, see this post here for more details, on my newest adventure and to enter my giveaway. 

Here's what I came home with!

Imagine my joy to find this for $ will be my new bracelet display bar, after I jazz it up some.

This cute little stand has a hook in the middle that will perfect for featuring a particular piece.  I will be using this as is, excellent deal at .75cents!

This duck picture sure does look a lot cuter in my home then it did in the store.  It might even end up in a frame somewhere else, not sure though.  I bought it for the tray aspect, a bargain at $1.50.  I am thinking maybe a nice piece of fabric or design paper for the bottom, and a paint job.  What do you think?

I was on the look out for frames because I plan to make a display piece with them.  This one fit the bill perfectly.  Not bad for .50cents!

These I am going to use as is for pictures here in my home. They are both a very good solid wood. I love them, especially at $1.00 each.

And I just couldn't pass up these wooden napkin rings.  They were only $1.00 for the whole bag.  There are 10 total in two different styles.  They are definitely going to get a cute new paint job! 

Ooouu!  I almost forgot I bought these last week from GW.  They were only $3.50 each for the lamp and shade.  They are so small and cute.  I don't have a clue where I am going to put these yet, but I am sure I'll figure something out.  I just love the bubble glass on the base.

I hope you stop by and check out all these other great bargain finds at;

I am off to go sailing on this gorgeous sunny SC afternoon!
Hope you are having a great day too!