Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's an Eggstra Special Easter Tablescape

Psst!  I have a confession.  I wasn't going to do an Easter tablescape this year.  I really wasn't, I even told myself you don't have to do one.  I wasn't going to because I am not hosting Easter here at my house, instead we are going out to dinner.  In fact, I've not even done very much Easter decorating this year.  Horrible I know!  One reason is that I have been so enjoyably busy with Spring cleaning, repainting and practicing my embroidery that Easter decorating has been on the back burner of my priorities.  Another reason is that I didn't want to get pollen all over my outdoor spring and Easter decor.  It's been wickedly dusty here this spring and it's everywhere!

I finally talked myself into doing a tablescape anyway for my own enjoyment and for all of you as well my fellow tablescapers, at:

  I decided I wanted to have at least something a little more Eastery around here to look at inside.  Then, I decided to start with making some more embroidered napkins.  

So, I got busy on my machine and stitched up four different designs of Eggs.  These are called Mendi Eggs from Designs by JuJu.  Much like last weeks four leaf clovers these designs come with 12 different patterns of eggs.  So fun!

I found the yellow napkins at Ollies, have you ever been there?  It's a retail chain that buys closeouts in all kinds of things.  It's very fun to go in there and see what you can find.  These napkins were originally marked at $1.47 for the Ollies price but were on further discount and I only paid .47 cents each.  I know, that was a steal.  I would have bought more then four but that was it for the yellows.  I had to dig and dig to find the fouth yellow napkin.  They had other colors so you can bet I will be going back real soon!  They are a very nice quality weave and stitched up really nicely!

This morning I got busy and put together my Eggstra Special Easter tablescape in the kitchen.  There are very few new items that I used for my setting other then the napkins.  I will fill you in on what's new.  Everything else I already had on hand.

Much like last week, I am using some similar and some different elements to create a more relaxed tablescape.  I started with woven placemats again, this time in a round straw weave.  Then I used my Lenox Butlers Pantry dinnerware again, this time using the Buffet patterned dinner plates.  I just love this whole collection of Butlers Pantry.  It is so versatile and goes so well with so many other patterns.  I would love to add more serving pieces to my collection.

Then I topped off my dinner plate with these yellow checked salad plates.  I have had these for a few years now.  I had hoped to find some adorable Easter plates this year and actually saw quite a few I liked very early into the season.  I waited and guess what...they all disappeared really quick!  Oh well, I can't complain though, because perhaps the plates would have been to much of a distraction from my Eggstra Special napkins.  LOL!  Here they all are again shown with the place settings and each one is set in a different colored polka dot egg napkin ring because they are eggstra special too. 

 For my silverware I chose this bubbly looking hammered stainless pattern from Gibson.  I thought it would be a nice compliment to my new glassware.  Ladies, I can't tell you how excited I was to finally be able to get these clear seeded glass goblets.  I have wanted them for years and have kept my eyes open for sales on them for years too.  I even almost bought some a few years back online but they ran out before I could place my order.  I got these about a month ago at Dillards.  They are a substantial weight and very well made from Art Land.  Shortly after Christmas I saw them go on sale for $4.97 each.  They also had the colored seeded glasses on sale as well.  I wanted them that day but was already buying other things so I decided to wait.  I waited and waited and then one day I decided I was going back to see if they still had them.  I told myself if they did I would get them but I would be good and only get four since I really didn't need them, just wanted them.  Well when I walked in and saw they did, and realized they were also having a 50 percent off clearance sale, I was thrilled!  Not only did I get my glasses but I got a set of eight for what I was going to pay for four.  Whoohoo, it was my lucky day because that was all that was left in the clear.  Don't you love when that happens?  It's like it was meant to be!

  I paired them with my pink wine glasses for a little more pop of pastel color.

 Each place setting has an egg holder and small plates green plates that actually have apple names on them.  Yeah, I'm giving away all my secrets today, aren't I?

The hurricane candles are back with small glittered eggs, very easy transition here.

 For my centerpiece I brought out my porcelain bunny and added bits of faux greenery and flowers.
These cute little Easter tins came from Targets dollar bins.  Inside each tin is a burlap wrapped faux lavender from dollar tree.  

And because we are all about the eggs this year, I brought out my little salt and pepper hen from Cracker Barrel.

I wasn't planning on doing anything to my side table either but then it looked so neglected I decided it really needed something fun too.  

I came up the idea to use my Salt and Pepper roosters on each plate and add my marble eggs to make nesting plates.  Sooo cute!!! Now can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture?
It's an Easter quiz to see who's really paying attention. 
Wink! Wink!

There you are my dreamer friends!  I hope you enjoyed this peek at my Easter tablescape this year.  The one we will not be using but the one that just had to be done because it is
Eggstra Special!

Thank you so much for the visit and I do enjoy your comments too!

Most importantly, I would also like to take this time to wish each and every one of you a very Happy and Very Blessed Easter!  
Wherever you are may you enjoy and know the blessing of our Lord and Savior, 
Jesus Christ!

Hugs and Waves!


  1. Mary I love this table your napkins are to die for and the colors are all so springy here well done.Happy Easter to you and your family.Susie

  2. For a person that was not going to do a table this week, I think I have enjoyed your post more than any I have seen this week. I love love love those checked plates, absolutely adorable. The napkins are stunning. Your embroidered detail is stunning, what a beautiful design. Happy Easter.


Hi Fellow Dreamers! Getting back into blogging and would love your precious feedback. I greatly appreciate and really enjoy reading your comments. Thank you so much!