Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I need basic and technical blogging advice

Help!  Please anyone who is still following who has a few spare moments can I pick your brain?

I need a bit of advice on a few basic and a few technical issues I am having with my blog.  I promise I have more pretties to share but I want to make sure my posts are going out correctly first.  I believe I may be missing a few steps that might really help increase the traffic flow.  I know it sounds silly or even somewhat vain to want to increase flow.  However,  I kinda feel like if I am going to take the time to create a post I do want those who are interested to be able to easily connect.  Here are a few areas that I would love some guidance with...

My Comment Name;
How do I get my name to change back to The Decorative Dreamer in comments?  Since I am on google plus I have lost my blog name on comments and cannot seem to change it back without giving up google plus and going back to blogger format.  Is there a way to do it that I am just not seeing?  This one is a biggie for me because I want people to know who I am when I comment.

Post Settings;
Does anyone have expertise on explaining the importance of the Post Settings on blogger?  Mostly, using labels and Search Description.  I had been using labels (when I remember) after reading that is important but am now reading that the Search Description may be more important because it is what helps others find your post.  Secondly, I have no idea what to put in the permalinks, what the heck is that all about?  What if any of these are any of you using regularly?

Follow Buttons;
I have a few buttons that I have added to help people follow but am still missing buttons such as for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  I would love to add those cute little icon buttons and have found a site called "Add this" I joined but am having trouble with where to add their first link text (they said in the body) before I can add the buttons text. Does this mean to add it to my content? Where do I add their permanent link?  I am so confused?  If you don't use them and use something else that might be more user friendly, please, please, please redirect me.

SEO's and Robots
This one I want to know about very loosely because the more I read the more confused I am getting on the subject of SEO's and Robots.  I know they are two entirely different things but I do think they are both somehow linked together and important to making sure traffic is coming in properly.  So with that being said, the only think I want to know is where to look and what to look for to make sure I have this set up properly. I would prefer someone else take a look and say yeah, looks good or no you need to do this because it sure would save me a huge amount of time.  LOL!  If you know of anyone who offers this type of service please advise.

I realize this is asking a lot and can be very time consuming to explain so if any of you have links you can share with me on where to go to read up more on any of this I would definitely appreciate that too.  I would love to have a blog mentor if anyone is interested.

I am working on a finishing up a few projects to share soon, so I hope I'll be back with a pretty post in just a bit.

Thanks so much!
Hugs and Waves!

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