Sunday, March 15, 2015

Easter Vignette in the Kitchen

Happy Sunday Friends!  I hope to share two posts with you today, maybe, if time permits with more of my Easter decorating.  I really hadn't meant to turn into a seasonal blogger but it sure does seem that way lately doesn't it? I have for the most part completed my Easter decorating inside and wanted to share a fiew vignettes with you.  This post is focused on the few Easter touches I did in the kitchen.

I took a queue from one of my favorite bloggers, Becca, at Adventures in Decorating and decided to create a vignette for the kitchen counter.

I have to agree with her this is one of the most enjoyable spots to feature a display and or decorative pieces.

I had a large black basket tray that I decided would pull it all together nice in here without taking away too much from the original decor of my kitchen.  I like really like how well it worked!

Of course I knew the first thing I was going to add was the centerpiece of my porcelain bunny purchased a few years back at Stein Mart.  I added the tulips a few years ago to his back basket and have decided they are the perfect bunch.

This year I decided to give him a little basket of his own to hold onto.  I can't remember where I got this little basket but I think it was a party favor from Easter at my Moms.  The little decorated eggs inside I've had for awhile now.  I think they were a dollar tree find one year.

I tucked in some greenery on the bottom of the basket and added another one of the decorative eggs to balance out the other side.  I love these eggs that open up and have little vignettes of their own inside.

In fact I love eggs with vignettes inside so much that I actually made some of my own many, many, many years ago when my boys were young. There is one egg for each of us in the family.  These were made from real egg shells that were painted and lightly decorated with little sequins and scrap booking decor.

Finally for this vignette I just had to add more lavender after tucking in it into a cute pottery pitcher.  A bit of new Easter egg ribbon gave it a festive touch.

The bakers rack has pretty much stayed the same but I did decide to pull out my cake plate and put it on a stand to add a little blast of spring color over here.  I just love the pattern on this serving piece so much.  Sure do wish I had purchased the dishes too when I bought this.   Oh well!

I usually keep this two tiered stand on the counter but I moved it because I wanted the bunny vignette in that spot instead.  I actually have quite enjoyed having it here on the table and it may well stay here this Easter to help serve up my families dishes when everyone comes over.  Since we eat Easter dinner in the dining room and den tables we won't need the kitchen table.  That's why I decided to pull in my silverware caddy here as well.  I added some ribbon over here along with some greenery and a pair of cheery bunnys and that's just enough for me.  Cute, cute, cute!

Well, that's it for the kitchen friends!  I am hoping to get the dining room decor up and posted sometime today as well if I can.  So if you enjoyed this, please come back again soon to see the rest.  Thanks so much for hopping by!  Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. So pretty. Such a bright cheerful room and gorgeous vignette.

  2. Ah ha another vignette lover! I love this kind of decorating. Love the bunny with the tulips and the cloche arrangement! The dining table and bakers racks both look wonderful. I haven't brought out my Easter stuff yet- I better get cracking!


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