Monday, February 17, 2014

Basking in the After Glow

I admit it, I am one of those people who are slow to get on the band wagon! I usually like to wait a bit and see how something fares or something plays out so to speak before getting on board.  How about you?  Do you do the same?

Case in point today.... battery operated candles and LED lights. 

 It's not that I haven't seen these candles before or am unfamiliar with them or anything like that at all.  Heck, we sold them in all sizes and price ranges at Stein Mart when I was managing the gift dept.  I often had to create displays with them.  I was for all intensive purposes, well familiar with them.  I just hadn't ever actually seriously considered "buying" them and bringing them home. 

What changed all that?  Well I finally broke down and bought one to specifically use in the display above and below. 

I have loved this embossed and distressed wooden hurricane vase since the day I brought it home for it's simplicity and it's gentle softness in appearance.  I didn't want to put anything in it that would detract from the beauty of the vase itself.  

I finally decided that a large battery operated candle was a perfect fit for it .  I also love that I don't have to worry about blowing it out and having wax all over the inside of my vase.  It's a simple look on the table, but creates a wonderfully inviting centerpiece while dining.

In the den I decided to take things a bit further by adding another electric candle to my sailing vignette.  I think it adds such a warm look to this little corner that I just love.

I got this candle and another in a two pack that was on sale at Belks during their after Christmas sale.  I will have to remember that next year and add a few more.

My latest electric glow addition just arrived today.  I have been eyeing this little vase at Kirkland's for several weeks now.  It was on clearance with an additional 25% off so I decided it was time to bring it home.

I wasn't sure where it would end up.  For now, I have decided to put it in the dining room on my marble buffet table.  I wasn't too crazy about the fact that it was so yellow.  I was expecting white LED lights.  I guess I will have to look for those in the future!

As for now, not too bad!   I think I can live with it here!

Have you gotten into using more battery operated or LED lighting yet?  
If your a procrastinator like me you may want to revisit the idea.  They really are starting to get much more affordable and more widely available now.  

Come on, wouldn't you also like to enjoy basking in the afterglow?
I think so!


  1. I bought a few at after Christmas sales and I really love them. Safe around the grand and cat. Also no fragrance which is important for me because of my allergies. These are great in my opinion.

    1. Hi Linda! I am really surprised by how much I am enjoying them. I know you must be loving them. I don't have allergy problems but I do know it's very hard to find a non fragrant candle. I am going to close this blog to a private blog soon, most likely at the end of this month. Would you like me to add you to the list to be able to continue viewing? I would love to have you stay in touch!

  2. lol- You are just like me, Mary. I just got my first one this last Christmas season. lol I really do like them a lot now that I have started using them. AND no sooty ceilings! Everything looks marvelous at your home. Very pretty- xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana, isn't it amazing how much you do like them? Who would have thought!

    2. Diana, I forgot to mention to you too that this blog is going private soon and I would love to add you to continue following if you would like to. Would love to keep in contact!

  3. I need to try it. So far, I have had them in my house when someone else brought them. There is something about wax that I love, but you are right, there are certain containers where wax splatters don't look good! I might have to try this, Mary.

    Have we gone underground yet? I sent you my email address and hope you got it. Don't leave me, okay?



    1. Hi Sheila! I haven't gone underground yet! LOL! I plan to wait until March. I want to give my "pop in peeps" enough time to to send in their emails. I got yours, thanks so much. Don't worry, I will add you for sure! As for real candles, Oh I absolutely still love those the most and have them sprinkled everywhere still too!

  4. I've been using LEDs for about 11 years now. I started carrying them for rent in my fine rentals shop and used them for decorating jobs. I'm so glad to see they have come such a long way from back in the day when you had to buy those expensive flat disc batteries and the "flame" was unrealistic. I'm also thrilled that they now come in remote controlled models and with timers. I only have a couple of them with timers, but I intend to get lots more. As for the remote controlled kind...GOTTA get some of those!!! That will make it SO much easier for a lot of decorating!!!

    I'm surprised that you just got on board with them at your own home! I would have thought that working with them at Stein Mart (still one of my favorite shopping haunts even though the closest one is now about 25 miles away) would have spurred you on immediately! Better late than never, though, I suppose. They sure are much less of a worry! My husband is so fearful of fire, and he's always glad when I use the LEDs instead of the real deal.

    I like that little bit of yellow in your vignette. It's distinctive and goes well against the color of the wall.

    Have a great week!!!

    1. Yes, Alicia, I know, seriously???? Why not? Well, I really just didn't want to pay the cost even with my employee discount. I considered several times buying the votives but would talk myself out of it and buy the yankee candle votives we sold instead. I really did want the really big multi wick LED candle we had but couldn't ever figure where I would use that was huge! I almost got a multi pack remote control set that was on sale at Belks after clearance this year but opted for the two pack instead. Sure would have loved that remote control set knowing what I know now!

    2. One more thing Alicia, I am going private with my blog soon and would love to keep you on my list of viewers. I will add you to the list if you'd like! :)

  5. I am a new believer! This is the second post that I have seen from trusted blog friends on these, and now I want some. I generally love your taste anyway, but I REALLY love that vignette on the table. Beautiful!

  6. Hope my comment posted. I couldn't tell if I messed it up...

  7. Hi Mary! Oh, I love your pretty 'fake candles'. You know I don't own any of those. Love your displays too. I need to get on the band wagon. I'm way behind! :) Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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