Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Repainted Kitchen Reveal

Hi Friends!  Thank you all so much for the sweet comments regarding my kitchen redo in the making.  I am very happy to say it all went very well and I am now ready for the final reveal.  Sorry it took so long!  Boy, is it ever so hard to find the right moment to photograph the kitchen when it's clean.  Especially, when you have three different people on different schedules.  LOL!

Ok, let's get started on the kitchen tour now!

I know it's hard to tell but this yellow is so much lighter then what it used to be.  To recap the new color is Lucent Yellow by Sherwin Williams which is a lighter yellow that leans towards hints of green.  I knew I wanted to use it in here after painting the den this color last year.   I previously had Golden Fleece by Sherwin Williams in the kitchen and Compatible Cream in the den.  Both of those were more in the golden yellow tone family.  

While I was rearranging things I thought it might be fun to load up my dish rack with several different sets of plates.  Since it's still summer I used only the melamine ones.  

 In this photo you can kinda glimpse the sometimes greenish tint depending on the light from outside and time of day.  I love it!

My husbands office looks so dark now!  I know it has the lights off but still...

I enjoyed changing up a few things around the kitchen after moving things for repainting.

This foyer area in the kitchen is where we hang winter coats. It got a new look but I feel like I still need to do some more tweaking.

Another area I re-tweaked was the bakers rack.  I feel very pleased it!

It's set in a rooster theme.

This rooster is my very latest acquirement.  I got it just a few weeks ago at a yard sale...dirt cheap!  I love the black and white specks.  I've been trying to add more black and white in the kitchen.  But, of course I still have to have a splash of color.

Color like this!  I bought this from my online sales website,  We have several wooden type signs like this available for sale.  I think this is a perfect sentiment to display by the kitchen table.
Speaking of the kitchen table....

I thought I'd share an every day tablescape with you.

I am calling this an everyday tablescape because these are some of my everyday dishes. They are called Market Basket by Nancy Green.

I think I got them from Ross quite a while back.  They were a boxed set that also came with bowls and coffee cups.  We literally use these daily, sadly, they are starting to show some wear and tear now.

I paired them with some floral and checked napkins that I've had forever.  I love the way they bring out the blue in the dishes.

I then decided to use my pink thrift store wine glasses from the beach...

...and my purple hand blown water goblets that I got from Novica.

Our everyday flatware has our initials and was a great find from Tuesday Morning.

My simple centerpiece on our lazy susan starts with a round placemat, then a cake dish from Spode, called Emma's Garden.  Boy, would I love to have the dishes to match this!

Finally, the cute little salt and pepper hen nest came from Cracker Barrel.

Well, that concludes the kitchen reveal folks!  Thanks so much for enduring this two fold post.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of my newly repainted kitchen and also my everyday tablescape.

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Have a great week everyone!