Thursday, July 18, 2013

Repainting the Kitchen

Hi Friends!  I know it's been kinda quiet around here lately but I promise I'll have more to show you soon.  I have been down and out with a summer bug of some sorts.  I'm still not quite 100% but I'm working through it.  It's one strange virus though I have to tell you.  It started with a headache for days, then a stomach illness, then a sore throat.  Ughh!  I hate being sick!!!  We are thinking that the stomach bug was something all together different though as my hubby had it too.  Anyway, as my throat is easing up a bit so is my energy.  Yesterday I decided to get started on repainting the kitchen, scratchy throat and everything.

I have wanted to redo the kitchen color ever since I redid the den.  As you can see in this picture here it was not quite a great flow of colors in between rooms.  Not terrible, just not great.

I bought two gallons of color from Sherwin Williams; Lucent Yellow and Chamomile.

The color on the right is Lucent Yellow.  It's the same color I used in the den.  The color on the left is Chamomile, it's one notch up above Lucent Yellow on the paint chip.  This photo does not show you the best representation of these colors but at least you can see the contrasts.

I played with these two colors in several locations all over the kitchen before making my decision.

My final choice was......(drum roll, please)....Lucent Yellow!

I know you were expecting something new right?  Sorry to disappoint, but let me tell ya!  This Lucent Yellow is no "yellow" color, it really more of a green shade.  Let me also warn you that it's also true to it's name.  The word lucent means; glowing or giving off light.  That's exactly what this color does especially at night.  So, if you tend to shy away from colors that glow you may want to rethink this one.  

 This picture above actually shows the same color on both walls.  It's just the lighting from my camera making it look so different.  I promise it will look a lot better after I have two coats on the wall and the whole room is done.  I love this color because for me it feels so fresh and bright.   What a change so far! I am half way done and need to finish the other side of the room today. I will be back later with a full kitchen reveal after I am done.

As for the other gallon, not to worry!  I had another intended space for it.

You see I just knew that the other color, Chamomile was going to look great in here!  

I have needed to repaint this half bath for almost a year now after we installed this new light fixture that I picked up at the same resale store where my booth is.  It's quite embarrassing that my half bath where all the guests go has looked liked this for so long.

Anyway, I thought I'd go lighter in here and thought that the Chamomile would be perfect.

Only, it's NOT!  Can you see how it looks a little too minty for this room?  Well, that's not going to cut it so I'll be needing more paint for this room.

  I am open to any suggestions on a more neutral linen or cream color to coordinate with the wall paper in here.

As for the Chamomile...well, it's found a perfect room, maybe even a few!  More on that later though.  Well, I gotta do something to encourage you to come back ya know!

Hope all of you are doing well! Be sure and come back again for the full reveal, kay?
Thanks so much for stopping by today.  Have a good one!