Thursday, July 11, 2013

French Provincial End Table

Lately I have been looking high and low for some extra bookcases for my booth to display all my smalls.  I am trying very hard to find a good deal with some style.  Unfortunately, the past two weekends of yard sales have been a bust and the thrift stores have a very high premium placed on the shelves they have for sale. I guess they are in high demand.  The Mr. is hinting around about building some sooo, I'm hoping that pans out soon.  Meanwhile, the hunt for new shelves has brought me across a few good finds.

Good finds like this older French Provincial end table.  You know the ones I'm talking about don't you?  This sure looks a lot like one that belonged to a bedroom set that several of my friends had growing up.

Only this one was quite dirty and starting to see some wear and tear though very minor.

I knew right away that if I were to restore this sweetie she would require a coat of primer first.  They just did not make this furniture without a laminate.  I can't help but wonder if all French Provincial furniture has laminate.

While deciding whether to bring her home or not I couldn't help but ponder on the one big and obvious gaping hole in the whole picture here.  Do you see it?

That's right the poor dear was sitting around the thrift store topless!  Had she no shame?  Add to that horror was the fact that she had been reduced to being just plain "cheap".  Poor thing!

Well, let me just say, I just couldn't leave her there in all her unworthiness.  I honestly felt so sorry for her.  Once she was a real beauty, popular and loved.  I vowed right then and there she would return to her former glory and I would help wash her clean and hopefully give her a new life.

The Mr. thought I was crazy.  He said, I hope you didn't pay anything for that!  It belongs in the dump.  Then he took a second glance and said, I suppose you are going to want me to cut a new top for it too?

Well, that's right Sweetie!  I had him cut a new top out of some ply board we had in the garage.  I then painted it and wrapped it in burlap and modge podge.  Sorry, this project was done rather quickly between rain showers and whisked off to the shop that I didn't get pics for that step.  In fact it's been so hot and humid I just didn't feel like taking pics after working in such miserable conditions. I have my limits ya know! LOL!  

As for Lil' Miss Cheap and Topless, she is now covered in grace!  I gave her a wash job and coat of primer and then debated for days on what color she would end up with.

After giving it great thought I  knew I had to seriously consider what I thought would sell.  I also didn't want to put a huge amount of work into her.  I knew in my heart that as pretty as all these other colors are the design of this sweety leaned towards her original off white color. I considered painting her black because I knew it would be beautiful with the burlap but I also knew it would be even more limited to who would buy it.  Finally, I decided that the off white had a greater following and could be used in multiple styles.  When you have a booth you do have to consider these things.

  I also decided NOT to give her a glaze even though I myself would like it.  Again, I am considering that not everyone wants a shabby look.  Besides, she had seen enough shabby living for a while and was ready to step things up a bit.  I am praying she will find her new home soon!

I also brought several new items to my booth from my online business at Ah! At Home.  

I rearranged things again on one of my feature walls to create a kitchen theme with the new items (with boxes) featured in between some of the older items. I am testing out some of the new products to see how they will do.

This little section (shelf) of the booth has surprised me.  I put in a sprinkling of jewelry and it has been selling.  I have more older items that I need to add but keep forgetting to bring them.  

I am enjoying having a booth so much.  I picked up my first paycheck last week too.  That's right, I actually paid my rent for July from June sales and made a profit!  I really hope that trend continues.  I was told that I am doing well if I get paid.  LOL!  I am very happy about that because my goal was just to pay for rent.  My profit was even $8.00 short of paying the the rent for August.  Woohoo!  I was thinking I would hold on to it to pay for the next month in case July sales don't pan out as well but the Mr. said I should reinvest it into merchandise for the booth.  I'm not sure what I'll do yet.  We shall see!

Well, that's it for today Friends!
Thanks so much for stopping by I really appreciate it when you do!

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  1. Wonderful!! I think this is the kind of furniture that is just begging to be painted and given a whole new life. I love what you did with the top, too.

    Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

  2. Just like in Pretty Woman - dress her up and she looks classy.

  3. Mary she is gorgeous! Now I would love to find one in black with the burlap top to use as an end table in my living room. Wish I lived closer!!!


  4. Hi Mary, your little table make-over is beautiful and your booth looks great! I see so many pretty things. I too enjoy having a booth. Enjoy your evening, Gail

  5. How pretty you made her Mary! The idea for the top was a great idea! Glad you are doing so well!

  6. What a gorgeous table Mary. Hope you are enjoying your summer, it sure looks like you are:)

  7. Yeah!!!! I am so happy for you! You returned that table to her old glory! I love the burlap in the top. So smart!

  8. Oh, Mary, that Little Miss really did find her style and looks so cute!


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