Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Tablescape - 2013

Hi Friends! I am very happy to say I was able to create a beautifully festive tablescape for the 4th this year.    I say this because the last few years I was working I had been so pressed for time at family gatherings that I often resorted to paper plates. I know shame on me right?  Let me assure you there were no paper plates here this year!

We had a very small gathering with only one son, my mother, my brother and his girlfriend and the Mr. and myself.  It was a small crowd but a wonderful afternoon!  We were even able to get in a quick dip in the pool in between afternoon showers which have become an everyday event lately.

I love creating a 4th of July tablescape because for me it's like enjoying the fireworks.  It's when I let my go of the matchy-matchy look and go for the element of pure surprise.  I get such a kick out of combing different patterns, colors and textures this time of year.  I discovered how much I enjoyed mixing it all up several years ago when I created one of my most favorite tablescapes after the 4th.  I called that one American Country because of the elements I used.  Click HERE or on the name to see it.  This year I wanted to stay focused more on the 4th but still mix it up.  Since I have so many pictures to share the rest of my post will be minus the chit chat with a few comments towards the end.  I hope you enjoy!

We enjoyed all our favorites; BBQ, rice and hash, green beans, rolls and sweet tea.  The menu was fairly light because there were so few of us and I wanted to make sure we saved room for the dessert my  brothers girlfriend brought.  

Oh boy, am I glad we did!  This is what is left of what she brought, Strawberry Upside Down Cake.  It was positively delish!  She got the recipe off of  

Because we were going to be outside for a bit I wanted to also provide a little extra refreshments.  I got this very simple recipe off of Pinterest and decided it was the perfect solution.  It's called Spa Water, doesn't that just sound refreshing to you?  I thought so too! 

All you do for this water is mix in fresh strawberrys, pineapple, ice cubes and water.  That's it!  It eventually has a pinkish tint and taste ever so slightly of the fruit.  It's very refreshing to say the least.  I chose this because you could easily add in a bit of wine for a spritzer if you'd like.

I really enjoyed the 4th this year because I didn't get stuffed and had a very nice time visiting with the family, catching up and relaxing.
How about you?  I hope you had a great 4th of July too.  I'd love to hear all about yours!

Here's a list of the accouterments from above to the best of my recollections... 

Lady Bug Dinnerware; Hausenware designed by Libby Wilke - Ross Stores
Lady Bug Cream and Sugar; Hausenware - Ross Stores
Blue Calico Dinnerware and Salad Plates; Queens - TJ Maxx
Burgandy Salad Plates; Toscana Burgundy - Pier 1
Star Shaped Melamine Dishes - Michaels
Hammered Flatware - Gibson - Stein Mart
Green Goblets - Walmart
Star Shaped Salt and Pepper ; Dollar General???
White Placemats with striped borders; Dollar Tree
Yellow Tablerunner; Pottery Barn
Hurricane Vase; Merino's Furniture
Bread Basket w/Fabric Insert; recent thrift store find

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 
  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is such a creative table! I would never have thought to evoke a fireworks theme with the pops of other colors, but this turned out perfectly. The minute you said FIREWORKS, I got it!

    True confession: We did eat on paper. We called it a picnic but ate inside. We still had festive cloth patriotic napkins and glassware, but paper plates it was.

  2. I never get to decorate the table for 4th of July because our lane has a BBQ on the beach for everyone on the lane and with 72 people, paper plates are necessary.

    I LOVE your table setting. I am a red, yellow, blue girl so I really liked the yellow table runner added in with all the patriotic color.

  3. Hi Mary! Oh, my goodness! I love your pretty Patriotic table and I just adore your dining room. All of the colors lookw wonderful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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