Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Thrifty Finds...what a Haul!

Hi All!  I am so behind on this blogging thing.  I had hoped to be sharing a few makeovers that are already in the booth but that will have to wait a bit longer again.  Maybe I'll share those later this week, hopefully.   This past weekend the Mr. and I took our camper and our motor boat out to a nearby lake campground for a few nights away.  It was quite a bit different camping experience being so close to home, but we had such fun.  Since I spent the weekend camping I missed out on going to some yard sales to find more bargain goodies.  I was feeling a bit behind on stocking more items to sell so I hit a few local thrift stores yesterday.  Boy, am I glad I did!

Here's my haul!  With the exception of the large box in the back, everything on this table was what I picked up yesterday.    As I was shopping yesterday there were two other ladies nearby and  I overheard one say to the other..."Do you see anything here?  No, replied the other.  All I see is a bunch of old junk!"  

Hehee! At first glance I saw a bunch of old junk too.  Then I put on my creative cap and began to see a few new things that I just cannot wait to put together! Let me show you everything I got.

Love this cute little clock.  All booths should have a few clocks right?

This basket is going to get a makeover.

Now I am very excited about these shutters. They are definitely going to get a very fun makeover!

This piece I plan to leave as is to start with.  Sorry, but it's turned sideways in this picture.  It actually stands up and has a curved top.  I believe it's either a small spool holder or a thimble holder.  Very attractive to those who are creating craft rooms. I would love to keep this but I think I'll try to sell it first.  

I have big plans for this one too!  Can't wait to get busy on it!

And this one is going to totally change as well.  Funny thing is, I was wondering how hard it was going to be to get that tile out and when I was taking pictures I turned this upside down to set another piece on to get a better shot and plop, out fell the tile!

Here's the goodie I set on top of the wood basket to photograph.  Do you like it?  It's not my style but is very farmhouse looking and I know lot's of people like that so I snapped it right up.  I do have to say I really do like the scene on it and the color of the vase though.  It's going up for sale!

I love how this little box looks already but...I see a nice change for it as well.

This cutie had some faux leaves on a Styrofoam base wrapped around it which really was not too appealing, IMO.  So, I pulled those off and saw some potential here without the extra adornments.  Still thinking about this one.

There's the greenery I pulled off the other piece.  I wanted to show you this frame too.  I love the size of this and have a great idea for a makeover for it as well.

Hmmm???  I can't imagine what I might do with these, can you?  LOL!

In all honesty this joyful piece is going to make a very slow entrance into the booth.  I was like, OMG! when I saw it.  It's in perfect condition without a chip or scratch on it. Hehe, no pun intended there!  I really don't own any tex-mex style dishware but this has me thinking it may be time. 

Here's the markings on the underside of the hat chip and dip bowl.  I love when there is a good mark and you can look up what you have.  I knew I found a great piece when I saw this, especially because it's made in the USA!

Finally, the last thing to show you is this sweet little pineapple lamp.  Actually, it's more of a midsize lamp then small.  She's made of metal and needs a new shade that's for sure. 

Here's she is again with a good wipe down and sporting one of my shades off another lamp in the house. I wanted to see how she would look and already I can see how much better a new shade will be.

As you can see, it was quite a nice day to go on the hunt.   I've got so much to do now and can hardly wait to get started with these makeovers.  I will try to post a few more makeovers from the last haul soon.  

Don't you just love it when you find things and can really see the potential for changing them up into something more appealing.  I know I sure do!
Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope your having a great week!
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  1. Mary you found lots of items with great potential! It's all in the eye of the beholder!

  2. You did pretty well, I would say! Love the lamp.
    Have a wonderful week...

  3. Mary- What a treasure trove you have there, Linda. You will have lots of fun figuring out what to do with all those things!

  4. Looks like you got your thrifting 'fix'!! Good finds!

  5. I love the lamp Mary, you really found some great treasures!!!


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