Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yes, I"m "AT HOME" now too!

Hey all!  Here's just a little quickie post to let you all know that while I am quite literally not working outside of the home right now I have decided to work a little business called;

Quite simply because of deals like this! 

On Sale now for only $3.99

On sale now for only $21.99

On Sale now for $9.99

On Sale now for only $11.49

On Sale now for only $24.99

On Sale now for only $6.99

On Sale now for only $11.49

Every week we offer Flash sales that are loaded with fantastic discounts on home decor. Additionally, we have a huge selection of beautiful home decor that is available to be shipped directly to you from our warehouse.

Here's my story;
I have been watching this company through a pinner on Pinterest for some time now.  Click here to see her link.  Meg runs her business primarily through Facebook and Pinterest.  I first noticed her on Pinterest and then friended her page on Facebook too.  I have never purchased from her because as a manager of a home decor dept in a major retail store my temptations had to be limited.  LOL!  After finding myself at home again and no longer working I could'nt help but take a closer look at her offers.  I decided to click the link on her website to find out a little more on this company.  Imagine my surprise that I could sign up to sell these products myself without having to invest anything at all up front.  I was thrilled and signed up immediately! 

If you've followed my blog for awhile now, you know I have been in the direct sales business before and am very familiar with it.  I stopped that particular business after going back to work because it required home party sales which I did not have time for and quite simply renewal fees as well.  

Ah! At home, does not require home party sales and actually started out as an online internet sales company only.  It has just recently begun to offer catalog sales through home parties as well.  The option to sell either way is currently totally up to you the consultant.  That is what sold me! I want to pursue the online sales only at this time and am so excited to get things started.   If you like what you see here and want to see more please consider joining one of the following pages links.  I created a Facebook page and a Pinterest page specifically for updates on sales from my website which you can join here;

Please be sure and join as a FRIEND as I'm not sure if you will still get the updates if you only LIKE the page.  I've so much to learn about operating on Facebook.  LOL! Any help on that would be greatly appreciated.

My website to order these great bargains is here;

This is where you can place your orders in my shopping cart and order securely with all items being directly shipped to you.  Please take a minute to browse around as often as you like.  There are so many additional sales you will want to check it out often to get more items like these.

This pic was created by my mentor, Meg, to show what you could buy from us at Ah, at home, to match the inspiration picture in the center.  Pretty cool idea huh?  I thought so too!

If you would also like to sell home decor with Ah, at home please consider going to the link at the bottom of my site listed as Join at Home and become part of our team.  I would love to build a team with you as well.  If you know you like this idea immediately here's a quick link now;

I know I've seen several other bloggers who sell Ah, at home too.  I can certainly see why because the products and the bargains are amazing!  I'm pretty excited about this new adventure and hope it's one I can continue should I go back to work part time somewhere when I choose too.

Well, thanks for stopping by, it's always so nice to hear from those who do.
Be sure and friend my FB page now too okay?

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. OK, I am either completely out of the loop or even more forgetful than I thought I was because I didn't realize you were not at Steinmart.

    This looks really neat, and I love the fact that it is not in home sales but online. When my brain is working better, I'm going to come back and make sure I have figured out the following in concept. I have been busy all day today, and my eyes hurt.


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