Thursday, May 23, 2013

Help! Help! Help! Pleaaassee! Questions???

Hey Blogger friends, I really need a few suggestions from you all.  I know I've fallen off the radar with most of you but I could still use a little help and am trusting in the generosity of a few of you to help me out.  I would be tremendously grateful! I will keep this short and simply to the points.

The Bad news is...

1. I am constantly being bombarded with spam comment like never before.  Is there anything I can do to stop it?  I feel like this blog is being hijacked by unscrupulous characters mostly from overseas and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  I've written to blogger but of course have not gotten a response or seen any improvements.

2. More often then not when I log in I get Blogger Buzz encouraging me to join google + comments.  I don't think I want to do this as of yet, have any of you?  But more important to me then that is why I cannot click off of Blogger Buzz to get back to my blogger list to visit you all.  For some reason the list says I am not following anyone when this Buzz is open.  It's very aggravating that I cannot ignore this.  The only way I have been able to get this to go away is often by logging off and back on to blogger several times.  Urrghh!

3. I've had a few tell me it is difficult to comment on my blog.  Have any of you experienced this often?  Would any of you seasoned and successful bloggers please share your tips on what I should be doing to secure this site a bit more.  I am open to any and all suggestions!

The Good News is...

1. I am finally going to take the plunge and open a small booth, and I really mean small.  Hehe!
I am so excited to see where this leads me.  I will be blogging on this more soon after I've secured my spot.
2. Here's the big question with that though, should I use my blog name for my booth name as well?  I am contemplating that and have mixed emotions about it. I've seen many booths that do not even have a name but I like to see them with names better.  What do you think about having a name?  For those of you who have a booth, what did you do?  And why, did you name your booth accordingly either way?

Thanks so much in advance, and really hope I will hear from someone soon.   If you happen to have any blog friends who can help with any of this please share this post with them as well.

Thank you so much for your time!


  1. Hi Mary, I wish I could help but I don't have the answers to help. I hope you get it all worked out. Enjoy your holiday weekend, Gail

  2. Mary, I know many have been having a lot of spam comments and have gone to using the moderation first. So far I've been lucky. I'm sorry I can't help one bit about Blogger Buzz...never heard of it and I don't care to join Google+ comments right now. I don't have trouble leaving a comment usually.

    As for the booth, Yay for you! I think you should come up with a good name you really like. I know some bloggers whose booth name came first then the blog. Do what feels right to you!

    Wishing you all the best!


  3. I can not help with the blogger stuff because 1. I'm stupid where that is concerned, and 2. I have similar problems (disappearing blog list, etc.) Blogger regularly gives me FITS.

    I will say that I love a booth with a name. It's just the kind of thing I like. Would you used Sailing Simply or The Decorative Dreamer? (Just FWIW, I have always, always loved the Sailing Simply part. It makes me feel relaxed and adventurous at the same time. I realize that to some it limits their thought process to things nautical, but to me it just says adventure.

    Anyway, can't wait to see what you decide. (I've been thinking of a booth recently too. I definitely wouldn't call mine Words on Wheels. LOL
    That would be dumb.

  4. Hello, We're all getting that robot spam stuff. If you look at your stats, don't ever click on the sites they're coming from. You think, oh...look how many page views, but like 30 of mine were from topbloggerstories (robot). Sure, they name it something you'd likely click on, but don't. I didn't but went to Google forum and sure enough there was discussion of these spam referral sites. Folks say Google does nothing about them. Also, remove "anonymous" from your comment list, that helped decrease my spam a whole lot. I felt badly blocking the anonymous commenters, but the many "spammers" ruin it for the few non-blogger followers.

    Can't answer about Blogger Buzz, don't get that myself. Good luck on that one! Pam

    1. Thank you so much Pam! I didn't realize I could block the anonymous comments until just now and have done so immediately! I changed it to allow google customers only. I guess that's right as opposed to registered users. This should help cut down on alot of the junk I get. I really appreciate your comment!

  5. I can't really help too much! I don't even know what Blogger Buzz is! I also removed "anonymous" from my comment list, as well! I do get some spam now but don't nearly as much as before. As far as the booth, isn't it exciting! I took the plunge myself with a small 5X10 booth about 2 weeks ago! Good luck with yours!


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