Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Feeding my Passion for Purple with a Product Review

Hi Friends!  Do you have a secret passion for purple?  I certainly do!  Why so secret?  Maybe because purple is often associated with being the most favorite color of adolescent girls.  I am ashamed to say (not really) that it's one of those childhood favorites that I have never outgrown.  Just one peek in my closet and you will see that I love purple.  Well, maybe you should have a few peeks!

I love to wear all sorts of colors.

But purple has always been one of my favorites.

As you can see I am as attracted to clothes that are made of solid purple as I am to those that have just a splash of purple.

I even own purple sweaters and purple fleece.  Geez, I know! I love purple that much.

Of course, I think the Mr. looks great with a touch of purple too!

In a previous post here, I showed you how much I enjoy my lavender baths.

And, it looks like the lavender I planted outside last year is thriving after all.  I may be adding more of this for sure since it seems to be doing pretty good here.

I just recently added purple verbena by the pool and gardenias.

Then, just this past weekend, I purchased a few lavender azaleas to add along the fence line.

I hope these azaleas will thrive here as well.  I purchased the small ones for two reasons.  One the were very economical and two, I'm not sure if this area is going to be great for azaleas so it's kinda like a test.

Oops, I am getting off track here..back to my purple passions and the review.

On my screened porch (which we have finally power washed) I've added this purple glass candle holder for just a touch of purple on the porch.

Last week I showed you my purple glass decanter that I've added to my fireplace mantle.

In the kitchen I have a few of these plates on the wall.  I have had them for sometime.  My passion for purple really has been long standing but I tend to only use it for accents.

As in these Vera Bradley plates that I hung in the dining room.

And on the small violets in my Easter cloche.

I think every room should have a splash of purple, don't you?  It really is such a comforting color to me.   For me personally it inspires creativity and invokes passion.  I've been told before that I wear purple well and have purposely worn it for job interviews or meetings that I'm a bit nervous about in the past.  It seriously helps boost my confidence.  Purple has always had an association with royalty but did you know that there once was a law that only allowed British royalty to wear purple back in Elizabethan times? That's wild, I can't imagine not being able to have or wear purple.

Now as much as I love purple, and if you haven't figured it out by now that I really do, would you believe there is one area of my life that is lacking purple?  Well, there was!
I say was, because thanks to a very generous company called NOVICA, I was offered a chance to do a product review.

 I was very excited to participate when I saw that this company was in association with National Geographic.  I grew up on that magazine.  Yep, it was one subscription that my mother always kept, that and Readers Digest.  It's probably the one subscription that fueled my passion to be a travel agent when I graduated from high school.  I loved seeing and reading about other places around the world and other cultures.

Upon closer investigation I found out that Novica offers hand crafted products from local artisans around the world.    You can order directly from their website here, or you can also host an in home party for your friends or even become a local independent consultant for them.  Check out this link here for more about that.

The range of products offered by Novica is amazing and beautiful.
A few things they offer are;

And the list goes on and on!  I'm sure you can see why I was so excited about this company.  Not only do they have beautiful handcrafted products to wear, but, they have products for the home as well.

So what do you think I would choose to review?  Of course if you've been following along with this post I'm sure you have figured out by know it was something purple.  What area of my life could possibly be lacking in purple you ask? Well, it's one of my newest passions created over the last two years.  Of course, I am talking about tablescaping.  Would you believe I had no purple stemware?   

Well, I didn't!  I didn't until this box arrived that is.  It was so fun to get a call from Mr. after work who said there was box from Mexico delivered to me by Fed Ex.  Haha!  Can you imagine what he must have been thinking?  LOL!

Look what was inside!  Not one but six gorgeous hand blown purple goblets.  I cannot speak enough about how well packaged these goblets were.  I had been a bit worried about ordering glass through the mail but I can assure you these glasses were packed for protection from breakage.

They are nice and thick too!  I just love them!  Each one is handcrafted so there is some variances in them but for the most part they are nearly the same.  There is only the slightest amount of bubbles and beautiful hint of swirling within the purple glass.  I love, love, love it! 

Can you imagine how excited I am to create a tablescape using these?  I know you can!  I cannot think of another occasion more appropriate to use purple then Easter.   I certainly hope to be back soon with a beautiful new Easter tablescape for you featuring my new glasses.

I hope you'll join me then too.  I am joining Kathleen today for 
to share my latest finds along with the beautify of purple
and a most wonderful and unique company called

To see more of the beautiful products available from Novica please click on the following links;

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Mary those glasses are lovely! I was so lucky to win a giveaway from NOVICA and choose some beautiful earrings. Can't wait to see your tablescape. hugs,Linda

  2. Gorgeous! What a great choice Mary! I love your Vera Bradley green and purple plates, as well!

  3. I do enjoy wearing purple, but since I'm at the age when quite a few women I know belong to the Red Hat Society, I don't wear purple quite so much anymore....lol! I don't belong & don't intend to do so -- just my personal choice! All of your purples & lavenders in your yard are just beautiful.

  4. Hi Mary! I love purple flowers always buy them to plant, there is just something about them that goes so well with the dark, brown brick on our house!
    That glassware is gorgesous and I can't wait to see it with dishes, I know it is going to be a beautiful!

  5. I LOVE purple.. Now that I get a chance to redo my yard I'm choosing purple and lavendar for flowers and flowering shrubs like azealeas..

    with that verbena you have work in NC? I am zone 7a

    your yard looks wonderful and I am so happy ya'll could fence it in so all the prettiest your plant will be safe.

    thanks for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment.

  6. My husband's favorite color is purple. Verbena is lovely....It's getting to be the time when our wisteria blooms, our lavender, verbena and more. Spring is a wonderful time of year. I say, enjoy your purple.

  7. That is so funny! I'll bet your husband was freaking out and nervously peeping through the blinds wondering if the DEA was about to swoop in! That's hilarious!!! BEAUTIFUL glasses, though! They look like they would feel really substantial in your hand. Looking forward to seeing the tablescape you create with them!!!

  8. Two of my co-workers LOVE purple, and I have hardly any in my closet. I love purple in the garden! The purple glassware will be perfect for Easter. I'll look for your Easter tablescape featuring the new glasses. It will be beautiful!

  9. Swooning for your purple glassware. They are soo pretty. I love your Vera Bradley plates too. Your gardens are beautiful. Happy Easter, many blessings, xo marlis

  10. I love your purple stems, just beautiful! I love purple too! Can't wait to see what you create with them!
    Have a wonderful Easter and thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  11. Mary, I am another that likes purple. Love the new stems and those VB plates are just gorgeous!
    Happy Easter.

  12. Beautiful purple glasses Mary! I knew you were a purple girl, just as much as I am a blue girl. Enjoy your new gift, that was awesome!

  13. Your new purple stemware is beautiful. Love the slight flair on them.

  14. I love them! I actually love purple, too, but reading this I realized that I don't have a single purple spot in this house. Not a nook nor cranny...dish nor vase.
    I hadn't thought about it. I also own exactly ONE purple top. I'm told I look good in it, but I don't buy it.

    I would love some stemware like that, and I can't wait to see your purple table. I've been away from the computer for over a week now so I'm just getting caught up.


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