Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring in a Box?

Hi Friends!  How are things in your neck of the woods?  We are super high on the pollen count right now.  Whew wee!!!  I hope you are not suffering from allergies like we are around here!  

I just love seeing decorative vignettes in a box, don't you?  Since I had a box that I fixed up for my Initial Outfitters business that I am no longer using, I decided I would create a vignette in it for my back porch.  I reasoned that I could make it inside and just plop it outdoors on the bakers rack later after the large pollen counts go down.  Good idea right?

I thought so too!  So here's how my box looked after I finished it.

I pulled out all sorts of things from all over the house to fill in every little cubby.

I was focused on using all those elements and textures that I just adore.

And since I heard there was a spring cloche party coming up in blogland I decided to add in one of my small cloches too.

This is a real birds nest with eggs that I found abandoned last year.  I have kept it in a baggie to preserve it.  Don't worry, the eggs have small pin holes and are empty.  I just adore that it is the perfect size for this cloche.

Now for the true confessions part!  Speaking of being the perfect size, and after having this BIG box sitting on my coffee table for several weeks now, I have decided I really don't want this great big box taking up so much space on my bakers rack.  Seriously!  I have another box out there already that is an old wine box and have decided I will spiff that one up more this year instead of using this one.  I know, I know, I'm so contrary!  Haha!

Soooo....I disassembled it and decided to use some of those elements elsewhere.

Like here!  I know it's kind of a kooky vignette, but I am lovin it!

I especially love the old sugar bowl sitting all topsy turvy and askew here next to my garden trough.  I set this vignette up thinking about a story I was told from of a sweet friend of mine. 

 She grew up in a very privileged family with four sisters and tells how her mother used to throw the dirty dishes in the bushes outside when company was coming.  No kidding!  She said, they always had a maid so if the maid wasn't working and company came a calling out went the dishes, half of which never made it back inside.  Can you imagine?  Too funny!  

I pulled the small wreath with a spring bow from my vignette box too.

Then I decided to create another spring cloche using the forget-me-nots that were sitting in my little matching creamer.  I also pulled one of the doilies from the box too.  Sweet!

Since I haven't gotten out any of my other Easter decor yet my newest bunny is stealing the show.  

Or maybe stealing something else, because I think he is quite the busy bunny here in my whimsical vignette.  He looks like he is all prepared to gather up a few pretty pieces of china in his basket to me!

Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you enjoyed it too!

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I hope each of you has a wonderful day!