Monday, October 3, 2011

It's My Birthday Today!

Hi Ho! Hi Ho!  It's off to work I go, and very happy for it.  Sorry ladies, but I am feeling just full of myself today.  Why?  Well, because today is my birthday!  

I am ringing my own bell today because as it's my life and I am embracing it!  I know this may sound quite braggy to some of you so if that's what you think so be it.  It seems the older I get the more comfortable I get with myself and who I am.  I've spent a lifetime feeling like I needed to please everyone else and be accepted under someone else's terms, but no more!  

God has made me very special just the way I am!  I have a big old heart that breaks easily because I have compassion for others.  Some call people like me super sensitive.  Some call us blessed!  One thing I know for sure.  Those who are blessed (sensitive) are usually the most forgiving and adaptable people on earth.  We live our lives in others shoes, mentally, and sometimes physically.  We understand where people have been when they share a life story with you. Life has not been an easy road for me in childhood, but I know God has always been there with me even when I didn't understand that.  Sure do wish I could get my hair to stay that color always!

Do you know that almost 8 of my closest friends from elementary school all the way up to high school were Libra's.  Pretty wild huh?  We always had such a great October!  Boy, do I miss those women!  We've gone our way after marriage and children but occasionally keep in touch, not nearly enough though.

This is me wearing my birthday necklace a few years ago.  It's kinda like my self proclaimed tiara, that I've decided it is worthy of wearing on birthdays.  I won't be wearing it today though, it's too fancy for setting up a store.  LOL!  

I celebrated my birthday yesterday because I was off.  I am so blessed by my family and wonderful husband!  Look what this man bought me all by himself.  He did the research and this is what he came up with after hearing me complain about the issues I was having with my camera.

Can you believe it?  In know!  I am beside myself.  Love how he gave me three bows on the package too!  LOL!

I've got so much to learn now!  Oh well, actually I guess we never stop learning in life do we?

Well thanks for stopping by and letting me shine a little today.
I hope you all have a wonderful day today too!