Sunday, September 25, 2011

We are all Fenced In Now!

We've been very busy the last few weekends installing the fence around the pool.  This is one of the final steps that we have really needed to finish before we could slow down with the whole pool project.  Landscaping will be an ongoing thing, but for now at least all of the must do's are done. 

  Our insurance requires us to have a fence and quite frankly I am very happy about it.  Besides being a human deterrent,  I am thrilled to finally be shutting out the deer from a portion of my yard.  Now, maybe I can finally grow some things that I have been trying to grow for so long.  I saw Mama and the babies a few weeks ago on the right side of the yard in between the wood fence and the pool and about freaked out.  I really have been very worried that I would find a deer in my pool y'all.  Not something I ever want to see!   

We decided to add the fence on the high side of the slope around the left side and the back of the pool.  It then connects with the wooden fence on the right side of the yard.  This gives me more of an open yard area around the pool on one side but closes off the side with the slope which was not very usable space anyway.  We went with a black vinyl coated chain link to save money and because I know I will be landscaping so much that honestly the fence will not be the focus, nor did I want it to be back here.

The Mr. installed the fence himself and I helped a little...very little!  Here's another view after you pass through the gates from the walkway.

Over on the other side of the yard where the wooden fence is we installed another smaller fence and gate just beyond the deck steps to the side yard.  Now we are closed up securely all around.

We also added a gate on the back side of the fence so we can still access the rest of our back yard.  We have a total of four gates, one double and two singles.

Here is a sneak peek at my next project.  I purchased (9) 1 gallon containers of dwarf gardenias to add in the space between the deck and the pool wall.  

It's going to smell so wonderful! I know because 
my car smelled so good all the way home!

I can't remember if I've showed you these yet or not. But, I wanted to show you some of my mums I got from Walmart a few weeks ago when they first came out.  These are the ones they are selling for $4.44.  Can you believe the size of them?  They are amazingly big!

I just love the color of them too!  I had to snap a few pictures for you this evening because it just finished raining again and they were literally just glowing!

I also wanted to show you this plant that is still hanging in there beautifully.  This was one of the first flowers I bought this spring.  I can't believe how it just keeps blooming!  

It's still such a pretty hot pink!

I've been experimenting with watermarking my photos in Picasa but am getting a double mark.  I'm not sure why but for some reason it's adding one in addition to the decorative one I chose.  I guess there must be something further I am supposed to do or unclick?  IDK?  

Well that's what we've been up to outside lately.
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 It's going to be quite a change for me going back to work this week, but one I'm looking forward to.  I'll be sure and check in as soon as I can with updates.
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  1. Your pool and fence look great! Love the mums and the gardenias are going to be wonderful!


  2. It all looks so beautiful..what a lot of work you guys have done there! I hope it keeps the deer away, they jump our pasture fence like it was nothing! ;D

  3. Your pool area is looking so good! How exciting that the fence is finished and you are on to landscaping! Good for you doing the watermark on your photos! I don't have any idea how to fix the double watermark, but if you google the problem, I'm sure you will find the solution.

  4. Looks great Mary! Your yard is so pretty and the gardenia plants, love the smell too.

  5. Mary~
    What a transformation, Mary! Everything looks beautiful! I bet you are thrilled, I sure would be. Love the mums and gardenias.

    Thanks for sharing! XO ~Liz

  6. everything is sooooo beautiful!

  7. Fence looks great! I love the black. It just makes it fade away! It is going to smell lovely with all those gardenias! I am going to Walmart this week to buys some of those mums. I am planting a few and putting some in pots. They are one of my favorites!

  8. The whole pool project really turned out great Mary! I know the fence will give you peace of mind, enjoy:@)

  9. What a big job~ whew!

    Looks great.

    Please stop by and see the under $20 makeover I gave an ugly brass light fixture.

    Happy Monday!

  10. Hi Stranger! Everything looks so nice. You have done a wonderful job decorating for fall. I don't get to stop by very often but I always enjoy your pictures when I do! Take care!

  11. Your pool, fence, and flowers just look amazing! I bet you are so happy!


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