Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall in the Dining Room

My fall tour continues here in the dining room today.  I told you've I've been putting out fall everywhere didn't I?  Well, this room is where it really shows.  

Before we get into more fall decor, I just have to share this little find with you.  

Look what I found at one of my most favorite resale shops.  I admired this quite a bit when I first saw it but didn't buy it even though it was only $13.00 for the whole set.  After I found out I was going back to work I went back and bought it.  LOL! 

I am so glad it was still there.  I just love the grapes and shape of this one and that is also came with the plate underneath it too.

Here's my other tureen.  I don't have a bottom plate for it, but I absolutely adore this one too.

I can't help but wonder what in the world I am going to do with two soup tureens though?  But, they are sooo pretty ya know.  Yeah, I'm justifying here!  Mercy, I may have issues y'all.  LOL!

Okay, let's move on and get back to the fall decor.

I love the color combinations that I used on this table vignette.

I moved the candlesticks that I usually keep on fireplace mantle here to my side hutch along with a few more touches of fall.

I brought back out the Mr. pumpkin tassel that I made last year to hang on the china cabinet key.  You can go here to see how I made it.

On the top of my china cabinet I took an easy (lazy) way out and just added another beaded garland to the existing floral arrangement.

Inside the china cabinet I added a few more fallish goodies.

I love seeing these colors mixed with the white!

On another entirely different note; are you also seeing blogs on your blog roll that you do not follow?  I am!  It's weird because they are an auto blog link that is showing up with a different post for all sorts of different cars, and there is a lot of them!  It is coming up as Bonafied Southern on my roll.  Do your remember I told you my roll disappeared recently?  Now this!  It's crazy!  I was just wondering if anyone else is seeing this too?

Thanks again, so much for taking my dining room tour.
I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Have a great day friends!