Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fleeing the Coop!

Do you do Roos's? I didn't!  That is until I started decor blogging last year, and saw how warm and friendly they made all of your spaces.  Then suddenly they had wonderful new appeal.  However, too much of anything is never a good thing, and so it goes with me and blogging in general.

  Last year, I added quite a few Roo's to my home and posted about them here if you would like to see all of those.  I still find myself wistfully looking at them in the stores but I have decided to reign them in this year.  I am feeling much the same about blogging lately too.  But, more on that in just a bit, first I want to share a few new pretties who are joining the hen party this year.

This sturdy male took up roost by the door.

Isn't he quite the gentry?

The kitchen cupboard has a few hanging around.

Here's one who refuses to stay inside!

I must say, he is quite a colorful character!

But... this little sweetie from Cracker Barrel stole my heart!

Oh, why oh why, didn't I catch more of these when I had the chance!

Thank you Sheila for hosting another Heart of the Home party, Roosters and Chickens
 again this year.  Please go to 
to see more hens in the pen!

I have made a big decision regarding my blogging style.  I have decided for the time being to turn off all comments.  I have decided to do this so that you and I can enjoy blogging more "without" all the strings attached as far as I am concerned.  

It has been a pleasure getting to know many of you and I have always appreciated your comments.  But... I often find myself making too much of it all!

  I've been up and down so many times this past year, judged and misjudged and have nearly quit blogging all together many times for this very reason.  I enjoy blogging and visiting others, though I do not comment on many that I peep at often, no pun intended.  LOL!

  I find myself  really needing to move on with my time online these days.  I feel quite guilty and have been so misjudged when I don't find the time to respond to my commentors or visit and comment on all those I like to follow.  Not to mention a few of you who have even misjudged my comments to you.

  My statistics show me that I have quite a few who visit my blog regularly who are not even followers and never comment.  I am sure many of you have those as well.  Quite frankly, this style of "no comment" blogging is quite appealing to me!  I find the thought of it very freeing at this time in my life. 

 My plate is quite full these days and I am done stressing over this blog and all the real or perceived issues and attitudes that come with it due to the commenting factor.  Hopefully, this will be the last time I will ever have to cluck about this issue again.      

I do hope you will continue to enjoy following along with me when your so inclined but if you don't that's okay too, because the reality is, it's just a blog online.  Inspiration and designs come and go, but lost time can never be retrieved.  So my gift to all of you when you visit me is, you get to take a peep and move on giving you more time for all the other important things in life.

Time is precious Y'all, make the most of it! 
I'm certainly going too!