Sunday, May 22, 2011

In my Other Life

Hello Friends!  I have such a fun and special treat for you today.  For my Meditating Monday post I am submitting my own version of "My Other Life". 

  I have created this post after seeing my friend Rhonda's post over at Shellbelle's Tiki Hut.  I just loved her other life!  Be sure and visit her post here if you get the chance.  She encouraged us to do the same and I just couldn't pass it up.  Now,  I confess it didn't take much meditating though for me to figure this one out.   I already know exactly how I would love to live in my other life, given the chance. So, without more yakking on and on about it, let's get to it!

Of course in my other life it should go without saying that I would have plenty of this!

This would be my home and lucky for me it is right here on the shores of Lake Murray, SC, not far from where I live now.  Honestly, I would not want to live anywhere else at this time because most all my friends and family are nearby.  This house is actually for sale right now and I have provided a link to the tour at the bottom of this post.  While it is not among the finest or most exclusive homes on our lake, it is still out of our reach of affordability.  However, this home has every single aspect of casual living on our lake that I would love.  It has the million dollar view and..... 

a fantastic outdoor backyard!

It is also on deep water so we can park our boat, or anything bigger we might decide to get.

I would be able to do all of this because I would own my own little gift shop that would look much like this one.  It would be an old house that was renovated by me and stocked to the rafters with all sorts of goodies.  It would also have a small cafe run by one of my closest friends, or hey, maybe my son, if I could ever get him to return home from Charleston.  Mostly importantly, it would be hugely successful with oodles and oodles of customers daily!

I would want to own one of these on a beach nearby somewhere. 
So, I could spend lot's of time doing this with a few of my besties, on girls only weekends.

I would have quite a struggle deciding exactly where to put down roots for a vacation home.

But would look for a spot that would easily accommodate this must have pleasure!

I would have a close circle of friends who enjoyed going on chartered sailboat tours regularly to exotic places around the world.
We would always have plenty of these on hand.

And we would all share a similar mindset. 

Of course, there would be no real life worries among all my family and friends, and they would always feel like this!

My bags would look much like these.

From traveling to places like Greece....

Venice, Italy...


and Mexico.

I would eat foods like this...

tons of this.....

...and this...

and plenty of this....always! 
  And miracously, never ever gain a pound!

 I would still dress like my jeans.

...And would always enjoy shopping for clothes that fit, because I'd look like this.

Yes sirree, friends, that would be my other life. 
 Now how do I get it back from Cindy Crawford?

I may not enjoy the life above but I do love the life I have and cannot complain.

Would you?

That was fun!   All of the photos shown above are not mine, with the exception of my sailboat pics, and were borrowed from the internet.  Be sure and click the link below entitled Island Treasure, for a complete tour of the home that is for sale on Lake Murray that I love, if you are interested in more beautiful eye candy. 
Thanks so much for joining me today on my daydream adventure!
Have a great day!


  1. That home is beautiful Mary! Looks like you had fun putting this together. I saw IMOL on another blog and thought it was a fun idea:@)

  2. lol! I LOVE your other life! What a way to dream big for us! Cindy Crawford is my idol! I wish I could look even half as good as her! Have a great week!

  3. I want that life too as my other life!! I am fortunate though that I have been to every place you mentioned. I am a very lucky woman right here in my own life! We are actually leaving for Ireland in 18 days!!!! I hope you had a great weekend!

  4. A girl's gotta dream!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. I agree, dreams are wonderful, aren't they? I enjoyed your post and pictures. You look like you're having fun on that sailboat, love it! Have a great week, Mary! =) XOXO ~Liz

  6. Oh my goodness, start making those daiquiris, I'm hooking up my little pink trailer and coming over to visit your other self for girls weekend! If I'm not going to gain any weight while I'm there, you can believe I'll be helping you chow down on all that food too!

    Thanks for playing along, this was such fun!!!


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