Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have you Recuperated Yet?

From all the celebrating this weekend I mean!  I sure have.  Ha ha!   In fact, I really didn't have much recooping to do since I didn't have much going on.  I am sure I've mentioned to you before my husband is on one of his regularly scheduled outages which means work,work,work and then some.  Whew! 

 Good news is, we are getting closer to the end and I will have my hubby back.  He was getting Saturdays off until the last past two weekends. 

He should be able to get off early, around 2:00ish the rest of this week and then back to his regular hours.  He usually works 4 tens which gives us long weekends often, so this no weekends business has been tough.   We have something special planned for next week.   I will tell you about that later though.  Also my youngest has 3 more half days of school this week too.  Finally, it's starting to feel like summer time!  Woohoo!

So, what's a gal to do with too much time on her hands and no one around to share it with?  Let me show ya!

Projects for one, of course!  I found a set of these cute shutters at my favorite consignment store and decided to spray paint them this fantastic turquoise blue.

My intentions were to use these for jewelry displays rather then the other cute shutter sign I showed you a few weeks back.  I like a solid color background for displaying jewelry so this will work better.   That is, if I don't find another place for them that I'd rather use them.  LOL!

I don't think I showed you this yet either, did I?  I rearranged the furniture on the back screened porch again. 

 I moved the cozy chairs over here in front off one of the double doors so now they face the backyard.   When you sit here, you are looking into the yard instead of the side yard from where they were.   I love this view much better! 

I pulled one of my old wicker chairs from upstairs and put it down here too.  It's coming up for a project next. Stay tuned for that reveal soon!

And just in case you are wondering, no I didn't get rid of the table.  I just moved it over where the chairs used to be.  I like it over here so much better because it is under the candle chandelier now.   Sorry, you can't see that in this photo but it's hanging right above the table.   My porch feels so much bigger without my hammock on here.  I am really enjoying it this year, though I do miss the hammock.  We are going to create a very special spot for it soon outside.

Speaking of projects, here's a few more I worked on this weekend.  I also got out the white spray paint.  I finally went ahead and changed this basket.  I love it! I just did a light coat of white and love how it has a weathered look.  I decided not to do a glaze on this for now, because it looks fine without to me.

I also changed my cross in the dining room.  It used to be silver if you remember.  I spray painted it white, then sanded it some and then added a chocolate brown glaze.

I love how my cross shows up so much more on my blue green walls now then the silver did.  It really stands out but is so soft looking!

 Do you remember when I found this last year at Goodwill and decided to make it into a cloche base?  It was a very pretty mixture of golds and I enjoyed that look quite a bit last year.

But that was last year, and this is a new year!  I spray painted it white also, and added a chocolate glaze.  I love how the details really pop now!

I've done several other changes around the house but will save those to show you later.  I don't want to overload you with too much in one day and may need those later for when I got nothing else to show!  Ha ha!

Before I go, I did want to show you this.  I've been looking everywhere for a new purse for the season and couldn't quite find what I wanted, until recently.  I saw these a few weeks ago at Stein Mart and just fell in love with them.

  I really wanted a sling type bag with only one handle for simplicity.   I waited until this weekend and went back yesterday and bought it when they were on sale.  I haven't bought one of these styles in years, have you?
I love how this one has an updated look with the beads, stones and blingy things!
Fun! Fun!

So that's what all I got for my
Take a Look Tuesday.
Thanks for dropping by today. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorials day weekend.
I'd love to hear from ya!


  1. Looks like some fun little projects, Mary! It's the little touches that make rooms feel special. Yesterday I spent the whole day sleeping after only getting 3 hours of sleep (drove my daughter to the airport). Things are going to settle down here now that all the activities are over. Next week the hubs and I are taking a long weekend in Savannah!

  2. SUCH a dreamy back porch. I'm green with envy Mary!!! I've been on the hunt for shutters for a while, yours are beautiful in that shade of blue. Great job!

  3. Your porch looks great Mary! I like the table in it's new spot, bet it looks fun with the chandy:@)

  4. And when your husband can stop for a moment and breathe....I know that he will relish time spent on the marvelous back porch that you have so skillfully designed. Great job! Cherry Kay


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