Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coffee Break Anyone?

Hey Yall! Just popping in to invite you to a very unusual setting for me today for

I've been taking a break and thought you might enjoy one too.  Life has kept me hopping quite a bit lately with very little time for blogging so you may not see me quite so often.  It's all good and I'm enjoying gaining more control over my time, slowing down and enjoying the coffee, so to speak.  So...maybe you'd like to join me?

The table is all set and ready for a variety of friends!

I've pulled out all my favorites to offer up something as special and individual as you are.

Here's what has inspired this coffee break today.  My newly acquired sterling silver coffee set. 

 My husband and I recently inherited this from his father after he passed away.
  As much silver as we had already inherited there was still a bit more to be divided among the siblings.

  I was quite surprised and thrilled to learn that the other siblings already owned silver coffee sets.  Thrilled because this set is also engraved with our last names initial.

I asked if I would be expected to serve coffee now at Christmas and was told, "Of Course"!   

So, I guess I'd better practice right? 

I added a few spring napkins.

And, a basket of spoons to stir with. Yes, I do know these are teaspoons, but I don't have any coffee spoons.

These gorgeous flowers I cut right out of my backyard. 

I was going to put them in my crystal vase but it was too wide at the top and I liked the way this decanter held them closer together.

This tree is a snowball viburnum if I remember correctly...I think!

To the right I have set out some cups and saucers for those of you with more refined taste.

These two rose patterned cup and saucers I also inherited, though quite a while back from my MIL.

I have lots of these, they are from my Nana's china.

I also have lots of these from my wedding china.

There is a set of these from my everyday, and some Christmas patterned teacups not shown here today.

Needless to say, this is why I was so happy when I won the Lenox China and was able to get a pattern that did not have cup and saucers.  This is much more my style shown here!  I can enjoy a great big cup of coffee with these.

Now, on this side of the table I've prepared for those of you who are more down to earth and enjoy a good hearty cup of coffee as much as I do.  Let's take a look at a few of my favorites.

This is one of my oldest and most favorite cups.  It's almost too faded out but I just adore it still!

This one is from waaayy back in my early career days as a travel agent.

This sweet cup came with a floral arrangement  from my Mom one year.

I loved the color on this one and keep it still even though sadly it is chipped on the rim.

These match some dishes I also have.  The pattern is called Market Basket.

I know I've shown you these before, I just love the footed look, don't you? 

Well ladies, as you can see, I've got coffee cups up the wazoo! 

Do you think I can fill all these cups from this pot?  I may need a few!

 Sooo, care to join me?
I'd love to sit and chat a bit over a nice cup of Joe!
I'll make the coffee and you can bring the treats, okay?
(Big Smiles)

Thanks for visiting today, it's always a pleasure!
Until next time,


  1. Girl! Its BEAUTIFUL! Very different...but I LOVE 'Outside of the Box'...Heck, I LIVE there! LOL! Its gorgeous! I LOVE the silver:)
    What time shall I be there for coffee???


  2. Oh honey, I was SO ready for a break and then when I decided to finally take a short one today, I see you're all ready for me! Gosh, would I love to be sitting right there, talking with you about our new ventures. I'm exhausted, excited and ready for a cup of coffee!

  3. Lovin' your pretty new coffee set Mary, special memories I'm sure! Enjoy:@)

  4. Hi Mary! Oh, what a beautiful silver set and how special it came from family! Love it! Your table looks so pretty with all the cups and napkins! Now that's a long table! :)
    Wish I could come over.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Oh, that is a GORGOUS service. I'm so happy that you got this, and I love all of your cups, too. BEAUTIFUL table!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Such a great idea for a tablescape post, Mary. I love your new sterling coffee set. It's beautiful.

    Since I'm one of the first commenters, I made up the rule that I get dibs on the cup of choice. I choose that one with all the little pink rosebuds.

    So... what time are we supposed to be there?

    I had noticed your absence and hoped it was due to GOOD busyness... or good business whichever the case may be.

  7. Your silver service is gorgeous! I am also not very fussy when it comes to tables, and I do like to mix it up a bit. We all have many cups and saucers that are usually not seen as much, so thanks for sharing!

  8. Your new silver service set is so pretty and meant to be yours.

    Have a great weekend! La

  9. I'd love to come for coffee or tea. I enjoy both! That is a beautiful silver coffee service.

  10. I would love to join you, but sadly... I don't drink coffee! How sad is that and as a former teacher, I can't tell you how many coffee mugs I have received over the years! Your new silver set is just beautiful and how special that it has your initials and has been a part of the family. The service carries on!

  11. That is seriously gorgeous!
    Love the runner, love the tea-cups, the silver tea set and the flowers really made me smile!
    Beautifully done!

  12. Your tea/coffee service is gorgeous. I love your idea of showing different tea and coffee cups. Very cool!
    The viburnums are beautiful, too. Very nice.


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