Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Take A LOOK Tuesday!

What exactly does take a look Tuesday mean?  Well, in short...lots of photos!  LOL!  I have been very busy around the house spiffying it up for my first "launch" party and want to give you a preview of what my guests will see.

First, I cleaned off the porch outside because it was dirrrrrty! Take a look at it now!
Much better!  I still have some tweaking to do to the right of the front door but let's see what I've done so far.

Nothing new really, I just added my faux yellow daffodils for a pop of color.

I'm thinking this little ivy pot needs a bow instead of Mr. Roo.

Wow!  My old spring wreath really looks great now, on the "black" door.  This was new for me!

Not a bad start, huh?

Then, I got to looking at my pots around the front entry.

I pulled out all the dead stuff and decided they looked just too bare like this. 

Soooo....I made a little trip to the local greenhouse and...

This is what I came up with.  Again, much better!

I chose mostly succulents for these pots this year.

I liked the colorings of the leaves and hope they will do well in our hot sunny summers.  I spotted a few spring flowers in the yard and thought you might like to see them too.

Very pretty! My Iris's haven't started to bloom yet, but I bet it won't be long.

I filled these pots with Geraniums and have two more for the back porch.  I had to bring them inside last night because it got so cold again and I didn't want to take any chances.  LOL!

Much better right?

Inside my mantle has a bit of green and spring!

I had to switch the chairs here by the fireplace again and put my club chairs back.  I could not rest my laptop comfortably on the arms of my other chairs that I had here.  Oh, the joys of blogging!

I ended up moving them over here where I had put my butterfly bamboo chairs.  Those went back upstairs but they may end up in the dining room again later by the mirror where I used to have them last year.  What goes around comes around right?

Right now I have the end chairs to the table here to make room at the party.  I just love having moved this mirror and marble table back to where I had it.  It looks so much better in this spot and the china cabinet fits better then I had thought it would on the side wall.

This is what I have been preparing for.  I am quite nervous!  Please say a prayer things will turn out well if you are so inclined, I could really use it!  I found this fabric I have been saving to make something with and realized it was the perfect size for a tablecloth.

I finally finished redoing the tray that was the duck tray.  I repainted it and added burlap to the bottom. 

I even gave it a nice warn finish.  I really like how soft my display looks.  What do you think?

Now I am off to finish spiffying up everything you didn't get to see.  Shew!  Thanks for stopping by and
taking a look!

I hope you enjoyed your visit!