Monday, March 7, 2011

Are you a list maker?

Photo courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

How do you like the image above?  I like it quite a bit and that is why I have chosen to use it for my
 Mary's Meditating Mind
posts on Mondays. 

I imagine these Monday posts are going to encompass quite a broad spectrum of topics as my mind is always thinking about things, often too much, sometimes not nearly enough.  LOL!

I had actually prepared a different post for today on the subject of increasing "apathy" in America.  However, I have decided to delay that for another time.
1.) I am not convinced anyone really cares about reading about pun intended.
2.)  I have decided it may a bit too heavy for a Monday morning read.
3.) I really need to refocus on collecting my thoughts (tasks) for the week ahead.

Which brings me to my question.  Are you a list maker?  I am or was!  It seems lately I have flying by the seat of my pants and let me tell you, things do not get done in our household that way.

So today I plan to take a moment to jot down my To do list.  See where I am so far!

 I have been on my husband for weeks now about the virtues of list making.  Perhaps I need a reminder myself of why lists are so good. So here's my list of why to make a list.  Ha ha!

1.) It gives you the big picture of all you have to do.
2.) It helps you to prioritize the importance of each task by deciding which to do first.
3.) Having a sense of priority can calm you when facing increasing pressure.
4.) It can help you to stay on track (or on task)
5.) It can give you a huge sense of accomplishment when you scratch something off your list!

I could go on an on about the virtues of list making but instead really need to meditate a bit more about my list for this week.  I  really don't mind those daily lists so much, it's those project lists that get to me.   The main issue I have about that is having the list laying around.  Where to keep it?

This is currently the notebook I am using for my household lists.  I think I will keep my project lists in here too.  I've tried having a separate book for projects before but would forget about it.  LOL!

This is the notebook I am using for my business, they highly recommended keeping one of these in addition to the large binder style notebook.  Shew!

I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to keep a project list handy on your blog?  I wonder if there is a widget for that?  Then, I thought better as I would likely have quite a few unfinished projects sitting out there for all the world to see!

Well it's been fun letting you into my mind for today.  What's up with you?  Anything?
Any ideas on where to store your ongoing lists?

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great Monday!