Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things that make you go "OH!"

Gooood Morning Miss Jenny!!! Hellloooo!  Get It?  Hell-"O"?  Hehe!  I knew you'd catch that!  Your smart like that you know, that's why your the teacher right?  LOL!  Yes Mam, I am glad to be back too!  No mam, I haven't been skipping out on ya, I've just been on an extended holiday break.  What was that you said there?  Didn't I just hear you say, Oh!  Sure I did, only you said it so low and slow.   I just bearly heard it there Miss Jenny, but I did!    I know I did!

Now that's my point exactly Miss Jenny!   You ever noticed how the word, "Oh", can be used in different contexts?  Well, I sure have!  Mam?  Why yes mam, I'd be happy to explain.  Context means something surrounding or effecting circumstances.  You didn't know I knew that, did you Miss Jenny.  I ain't as backwards as I may seem am I?  Mam? Yes mam, I do remember ain't, ain't a word, and I ain't, I mean I am not trying to be sassy Miss Jenny.   You sure do like to get me on that one every time.   OH MY!  LOL!

The other day I was over at Cousin Mary's helping her around the house when we got to thinkin about our grandma, Nana.  She's been gone to live with Jesus for a long time now but we was were remembering how she used to go on.  Like when she saw something she liked, she would always say, Ohhhhhhh,ooohhhhh,ooooohhhh,ooooooh!  That's about the best way I can spell it.  She would drag the word "Oh" out so long it would take her a full 5 minutes to say it, or stop saying it, depending how you was feeling about it.  LOL!  She usually only used the word, Oh, in a good way though, unlike cousin Mary.  I caught Cousin Mary using that word the other day and it wasn't long and drawn out like Nana's.  Her Oh's were all different, each time.

First there was the sad  sigh of an "Ohh"  after looking at all her outdoor plants that she never got inside the basement this winter.  It will be nothing short of a miracle if any of them come back after all the cold weather and snow we've had.

Then there was the exasperated "Oh's" when she was showing me what all she's been up to lately, in the dining room...

....and in her craft room....

...and the giveaway pile still sitting on the kitchen table. 
Oh, oh, oh!

Cousin Mary was enjoying being flustered and said, here, let me show you another "OH!"  this one sounded more like a groan, honestly Mrs. Jenny, she was going on a bit.  That's when I told ole Cousin Mary to come on now.  Let's focus on something a little more positive.  Well, she said... about this book I just bought?  I know these places would make me go, "OH!", in a very good way!

And this new book she said is filled with lot's of "Ohhhhsss!!!!.  Colors and Patterns always make Cousin Mary go, "Ohhhh!".

Why she even bought yards of these two fabrics because she was having an "OH" moment.  She doesn't have any idea where they are going to go yet, though.

Now she new exactly where she was putting her new pillows that made her go "Oh".  She's been wanting to add some animal prints in the den but hadn't found quite the right colorings.  Then she found these two pillows at Ross and they were on sale too.  She said, they was a big "OH!".

She also said these two things she picked up the other day were some squealy "Oh's".  Mam?  You know what I'm talking about, that high pitched, Oh, how cute!, kinda "Oh".  Cept you don't actually say the words, you just kinda squeal out your "Ohuuuhh!!".

Then there is the more soothing kind of "ohhh!"  This reminds you of that kind.

So does this here chicken soup.  It's definitely a soothing.."Ohhh"  going all the way down.  Mam?  No mam, that's not an "Ahhh!" that's and "Ohhhwah!".  I do know what I'm talking about you know Miss Jenny, our letter is "O" you know!  Geez!  Mam?  Yes mam, I'll wrap it up here, I know you got a whole class full of homework to check.

This here is mine and Cousin Mary's favorite "OH!" of all.  It's a good one.  This is a close up from a painting that our Nana did.  She painted this because it was sooo one of her "Oh" moments.  She just loved those little birds that would come sit on that bucket by the spicket.  She always kept water in it for them too.  When we see this picture we can just hear our Nana again saying, Ohhhhhhoohhhh oooooohhhh OOhhhh, ooohhh, OH!

So, what did you think Miss Jenny?  Did I do good on my first day back to

I certainly hope so! Thanks for droppin in now.  Let me know if you do, Okay?
 Have a great day, yall!
"LiL Missy"


  1. Oh boy, I must say I enjoyed every bit of this blog post. You're so very creative. And then, I want to stop and thank you for your input on where to buy the square glass to make that stunning lighted fixture at Lowes. I will try and remember to look for them and make one for myself. I really really appreciated you letting me know.

    Thanks for visiting me this week, I enjoyed your company.

  2. Oh Mary this was excited and OH so clever and cute of you. Lots of things to be Ohing about! Have a great day.

  3. Your so funny, Mary!! I love scenic drives so I might have to find that book at the library!! I understand if you are feeling overwhelmed. I have the same issues going on. I need to exercise, organize my house and finish decorating. However, I need to do it all without spending any money. Very depressing indeed! However, time to pull out of this funk!!!

    Love your Oh moments!!

  4. Ohh what a clever post. . .it is fun to see all the ways you can use the word ohhhh!

  5. Mary you are a hoot and all I can say is Ohhhhhhhh!

  6. OH, yes.

    You did a GREAT job.


  7. Clever! Clever! Clever!!

    I always enjoy your alphabet posts because you have such a creative take on them. How you came up with this one, I do not know.

    Just adorable.

  8. oohhh, oooooooh!!as your grandma Nana used to say... your blog is ooohh so lovely!!!
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and hope all that cold and snowy winter you have had stops soon.
    cariños from Chile
    maria cecilia

  9. Oh my! I love this post and I just checked out the blog! I can't wait to participate next week! To answer your questions Yes I'm a writing student. I've been doing some freelance writing on the side and I've been trying to perfect my mass media writing abilities.

  10. cute, great photos, such a cute story..I miss my Nana!

  11. I love your "OH" moments!

  12. Ohhhh this is such a cute post. If you were in my class you would get an A.

  13. Oh, you certainly did get creative on this one!

  14. Oh, I've missed you! Your intros make me laugh! I hope your holiday break was great. You are so energized I think you must be!

    I loved this outstanding link to Alphabe-Thursday. What fun you shared with us. There's a few of those books I'd totally like to get my hands on!

    Happy New Year, dear lady!



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